Multiple Applications, Processes & Priorities in Contact Centers

Intricate structures and patterns in building

Andrew Wommack Ministries’ (AWM) contact center receives 1,200 –1,500 calls per day for two departments. One department assists ministry partners with purchasing products and learning more about the ministry. The other serves as a crisis line to assist individuals with immediate needs, prayer and encouragement. Audio Only Call Recording A major challenge for AWM’s contact […]

Five Ways DVSAnalytics Boosts RingCentral UCaaS in Contact Centers

RingCentral UCaaS customers can leverage their recordings with Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) software from DVSAnalytics to improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience. Combining RingCentral’s audio recording and metadata with Encore’s Desktop (screen) Recordings provides a complete picture of customer interactions. DVSAnalytics understands communication platforms are the foundation of contact center operations. Interoperability […]

Salesforce Data in Your Workforce Optimization Solution

DVS Interoperability illustrated as fitting puzzle pieces together.

Why does DVSAnalytics place such a high value on interoperability in contact center solutions? Look no further than our out-of-the-box Encore® Salesforce integration. An Overview of the Encore Salesforce Integration Simplify your contact center operations with the Encore Salesforce Integration. Developed for convenience and time-savings in mind, the integration allows you to review call recordings […]

Salesforce & Encore: Best of Both Worlds

The combination of Salesforce and Encore® workforce optimization provides the best of both worlds to today’s contact center environment. With a focus on simplifying contact center management’s daily workload, DVSAnalytics provides solutions for interaction recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce engagement. A seamless integration with Salesforce, the premier customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is another example […]

Integrating Workforce Optimization for Call Centers with Salesforce

Contact centers are the front line between an organization or company and its customers. Seamless interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center is a key factor in achieving the highest standard of customer experience. What’s the value of integrating workforce optimization solutions with a CRM like Salesforce? By associating […]

DVSAnalytics at NEC Advantage 2019

We’re pleased to be at NEC Advantage this week. NEC is hosting its first Global Partner Conference this year, a key opportunity to review the rapid innovations seen over the last decade in the IT and communications technology landscape. Advantage brings together all of NEC’s partners to focus on providing solutions to critical challenges and […]