Making Better Business Decisions with Speech Analytics

Boost Contact Center Performance with Speech Analytics

Every day, you record hundreds or maybe thousands of audio interactions. Traditional evaluation methods let you tap into the recordings to measure agent performance, but the vast majority of your recordings are never examined. Speech Analytics can help you gain rapid insights by analyzing the interactions between you and your customers.

Speech Analytics takes recorded audio and turns it into searchable text files. Once transferred to text, the search engine can look for words or phrases that have significant meaning, allowing you to focus on interactions where key phrases occurred. The search capabilities also let you quickly see how many times a particular event is occurring, so you can easily monitor trends.

3 Speech Analytics Tools for Quick ROI

The most productive ROI and outcomes for Speech Analytics typically fall into 3 buckets: Voice of the Customer, Agent Adherence, and Revenue Maximization.

  • Voice of the Customer is listening for customer feedback – everything from CSAT and Customer Experience, to feedback about your products and services, competitive insights, etc. Using Speech Analytics provides insights on customer issues, allowing you to better address their needs, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Agent adherence, or script adherence, covers those things your agent is supposed to do, like ensuring statements are made to comply with state or federal regulations, required script elements are used in order to reduce risk, etc.
  • Revenue Maximization relies on good quality management – looking at sales techniques used in customer interactions – and asking how well are agents converting, upselling, upgrading, cross-selling, or enrolling? Speech Analytics lets you zoom in on exactly where those techniques are used to determine how well they’re working. Are your sales interactions working well? What are the major objections? You need a laser-light tool that leads you to specific conversations that answer those questions effectively.

Blending Traditional QA with Speech Analytics

With Speech Analytics, you have the ability to quickly detect words and phrases across all your recorded calls; something you simply could not do without speech transcription and computer-based analytics. Begin with a clear understanding of what Speech Analytics does, and what it doesn’t do.

“If I have Speech Analytics, do I need traditional evaluations?”

The answer is, Speech Analytics doesn’t replace traditional quality management, it enhances it.

Speech Analytics can tell you how often a word or phrase occurs. It can tell you how many times (in recorded calls) you hear this phrase AND that phrase. But when it comes to evaluating agents for handling soft skills – like upselling or handling an irate caller – there’s no substitute for traditional QA and a human being.

You are best served by blending traditional QA with Speech Analytics and leveraging each one’s strengths. You can shorten your agent scorecard – and get more evaluations done – if you move tasks that are accomplished by detection of words and phrases to Speech Analytics.

Have your evaluators spend their time listening specifically for high-value interactions like sales or soft skills, specifically for coaching purposes. Your evaluators will see improvement in their coaching efforts while reducing the amount of time they spend doing evaluations, while your speech analytics efficiently covers specific topics like script adherence and regulatory compliance.


Encore Speech Analytics is a post-call Speech Analytics solution, which means recordings are processed by the speech-to-text engine after the call is completed and stored. The vast majority of Speech Analytics use cases in contact centers use post-call methodology.

Engineered specifically for contact centers, Encore Speech Analytics delivers meaningful results in near-real time, analyzing interactions within minutes after the call is completed. Encore Speech Analytics is designed to improve the quality and speed with which you can make better business decisions by creating structured, usable data from your audio interactions and helping you mine this data for business insights.

White Paper

Download our white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, to learn more about boosting your QA with Speech Analytics.