5 Ways to Improve Your Contact Center Workforce

The contact center workforce plays a critical role in customer service operations. And nowadays, it’s not just about answering questions; it’s about delivering a seamless customer experience that sets a business apart from its competitors. By enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center workforce, you can significantly improve customer satisfaction, sustain customer loyalty, and drive business growth. Today, we will explore five impactful strategies to enhance the performance and productivity of your contact center workforce.

1. Gamification 

Incorporating gamification into your customer success strategy can yield significant benefits, such as enhanced agent performance and increased motivation. With Encore’s gamification tool, creating and managing contests based on agent performance is automated, eliminating the tedious manual administration of contests. Supervisors can quickly gain insights into agent performance trends, identify top performers, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Moreover, rewards and incentives can serve as powerful motivators for agents, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates.

2. 100% Review of Customer Calls

Due to its affordability, DVS Encore allows customers to record all calls. Reviewing customer interactions, however, depends on the company’s staff. Fortunately, Encore’s Quality Management (QM) toolset simplifies the call review process, making it easier to stay organized and on top of things. With the addition of Speech Analytics, a Contact Center can now review 100% of calls. This has numerous benefits, including ensuring that the contact center is in tune with customer needs, monitoring agent performance, identifying areas that require improvement, and gaining insights into overall customer satisfaction.

3. Targeted Quality Management

Contact centers can utilize Encore’s QM module to focus on individual agents or groups and compliance efforts. This enables the identification of improvement opportunities and recognition of best practices. Speech analytics further enhances agent training and performance by pinpointing specific words and phrases.

Investing in targeted QM and workforce management (WFM) tools enhances customer satisfaction, agent engagement, and productivity. By understanding your contact center workforce’s strengths and weaknesses, you can take the necessary steps to improve the overall performance of contact center agents.

4. Ensure Compliance

Supervisors can ensure that agents follow company-approved scripts during their conversations by reviewing calls. For instance, supervisors can confirm if agents are stating, “This call may be recorded for quality purposes,” as company policy requires. With the help of Encore’s QM tools, supervisors can review call and screen recordings to ensure adherence to policies and procedures. Moreover, Encore’s speech analytics module allows for a comprehensive review of every call, analyzing specific keywords and phrases.

The government sometimes mandates compliance, and companies may face fines for non-compliance. Ensuring adherence to compliance regulations in your contact center is a proactive measure to safeguard against such penalties.

 5. Accurate Forecasting & Scheduling  

Effective Workforce Management ( WFM ) relies on accurate forecasting and scheduling to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center operations. With DVSAnalytics’ WFM module, contact center supervisors can forecast schedules based on historical trends and seamlessly manage various shifts. Our flexible intra-day schedule and activity management enable users to optimize customer service by aligning agents’ unique skill sets and availability. By maintaining optimal staffing levels, contact center management can elevate customer satisfaction and revenue while alleviating the stress of managing entire teams. 

Contact DVSAnalytics & Optimize your Contact Center Workforce 

Optimizing your contact center workforce is not just a need but a strategic imperative in today’s competitive business landscape. Integrating gamification, complete customer call reviews, targeted quality management, ensuring compliance, and accurate forecasting and scheduling can significantly transform your contact center operations. These practices, powered by DVSAnalytics’ Encore platform, ensure that your workforce is efficient, productive, highly motivated, and customer-focused. 

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