The Top 4 Must-Have Workforce Management Features for Enterprise Contact Centers

Workforce Management (WFM) is a critical solution for contact centers. It allows managers to optimize schedules, forecast staffing needs, and ensure adherence to the forecasted scheduling. These WFM tools allow for greater control and visibility into the workforce, leading to improved efficiency and customer experience as well as reduced personnel costs. This blog post will discuss the top 4 features that all enterprise contact centers should look for in a WFM solution.

Effective Contact Center Workforce Management Starts with These 4 Features

Considering the nature of enterprise contact centers, things like greater flexibility, visibility, and cost control are increasingly important. Businesses should seek a solution that yields these results without breaking the bank. With that in mind, the following four features should be considered when choosing a WFM solution:

1. Accurate Forecasting

The ability to accurately forecast the correct staffing levels will improve efficiency and reduce expense.  It is essential that your WFM forecasting tool incorporates an intuitive user interface to ensure ease of scheduling from anywhere. Moreover, a streamlined forecasting tool also assists managers with scheduling new contact center agents into the environment. Accurate forecasting is especially helpful during seasonal business fluctuations. 

2. Flexible Scheduling

A WFM system with flexible scheduling capabilities is essential for contact centers to optimize operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. With flexible scheduling, supervisors can assign agents based on their skill set, manage multiple shift types effortlessly, and make intraday changes in real-time to accommodate unexpected circumstances or an unforeseen spike in demand. These features combine to enable organizations to provide better service and elevate the customer experience.

3. Real-time Agent Adherence

Real-time agent adherence allows supervisors to monitor in real-time your agents’ adherence to their schedule to ensure planned staffing levels to meet your established customer service goals. This functionality provides comprehensive data and analytics to help managers quickly make decisions, such as adjusting staffing levels in response to call volume or resolving compliance issues with greater accuracy. When using real-time adherence, supervisors can instantly view detailed insights into employee performance, helping them stay ahead of customer demands and providing a more efficient experience.

4. Bursting Feature

Bursting capabilities can be a game changer for contact centers experiencing fluctuations in customer demand. By allowing contact centers to quickly scale up or down their staffing levels, bursting helps optimize the use of resources, balance workloads, and improve service levels. With this feature, contact centers can now react quickly and easily adjust to changes in unpredictable volumes while simultaneously ensuring that customer expectations are met.

DVSAnalytics: Do More For Less

DVSAnalytics’ motto is to work with Contact Centers to do more for less, enabling organizations to thrive even when they are spending less money. Our WFM features are designed to maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing specific tools such as self-service scheduling, Forecasting, real-time adherence monitoring, and bursting capabilities. As a result, contact centers can enjoy reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction, and improved performance across the board.  By leveraging the power of a cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) solution, organizations can significantly reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating upfront capital investments, streamlining resources, and reducing IT burden.

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