4 Tips to Improve Operational Efficiency at Healthcare Organizations

DVSAnalytics serves a wide range of businesses across multiple sectors. This includes healthcare, where call quality and optimal patient interactions are crucial to operational success. DVSAnalytics’ Quality Management (QM) tools are designed to facilitate better service and ultimately better patient care outcomes. In this blog, we will discuss four important things a healthcare organization can do to achieve greater operational efficiency and how DVS can help to accomplish this for our healthcare customers.

The Best Quality Management Tools for Optimizing Patient Interactions

QM is a necessity for obtaining valuable information regarding call quality and patient satisfaction. In healthcare, QM can provide the insight needed to make sure calls are not falling through the cracks and that your team is providing the highest level of patient care. Here are four QM tools that can help you optimize patient interactions:

1. Screen & Call Recording Capabilities

Having the ability to capture and store calls allows you to review interactions and make sure that patients are getting their needs met by staff. Interaction recordings help to resolve disputes and discover opportunities for contact center agent improvement.

2. HIPAA Compliance

A very important component of a quality management solution for healthcare is HIPAA compliance. When storing and accessing private call recordings, patient information must be stored securely in order to protect patient health data. Moreover, privilege-based access will ensure that only authorized parties can access the recordings.

3. Evaluation Tools

Evaluation tools assist in determining agent performance via detailed analytics based on patient interactions. The best analytics tools will allow you to track key metrics and automatically trigger training opportunities to ensure that your healthcare staff are providing patients with the best possible experience.

4. eCoaching & Training

eCoaching and training can significantly improve call quality. These tools allow you to provide  feedback and guidance for agents, which can help to optimize patient service outcomes.

How DVSAnalytics Helped VCU Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCU) is  a large scale medical provider offering every form of medical service including Level 1 trauma care. Communication at VCU was complex, with various departments, clinics, programs needing to connect all throughout the day. This includes calls for various services such as room service orders, patient admissions, patient transfers, etc.

However, like any other healthcare organization, VCU was not without their challenges. They found that patient interactions could not be accurately captured for evaluation purposes with their old Call Recording system. As a result, VCU engaged DVS’s help in instituting a new QM solution that would encompass various features to support their ongoing call recording needs.

By working with DVSAnalytics, VCU was able to improve patient care services by employing synchronized screen recording, robust analytics tools to evaluate patient interactions, call calibration, as well as automated eCoaching to train staff properly if their evaluations scores needed improvement. And because DVS’s solution was entirely HIPAA Compliant when it came storing call recordings, VCU was able to instill greater confidence in their healthcare operations.

DVSAnalytics for Healthcare: Improving Overall Patient Care Outcomes 

At DVSAnalytics, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by helping organizations improve their patient care services with the help of advanced QM and analytics solutions. We are proud to have partnered with VCU and provided the tools needed for them to optimize their patient interactions and provide better care. With our help, VCU was able to optimize call review processes, engage in instant coaching, increase agent performance and satisfaction, as well as improve patient outcomes more efficiently.

Interested in learning more about how our solutions can help your organization provide better patient care? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can work together.