5 Tools to Improve the Value of Contact Center Analytics

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Contact Centers are constantly changing. A sure strategy to staying current in contact center operations is adopting an analytics-driven approach that is actionable.

The Stairway to Data Insights

It’s estimated that over 80% of organizations moving toward analytics don’t even know where their critical data is located. At DVS we’ve taken the guess work out of finding the needle in the haystack by providing better data – tagged, organized and searchable. Data that is immediately useable. Analytics designed specifically for the contact center, properly applied, can provide incredible insights into the customer experience. Any organization can substantially improve agent efficiency and customer outcomes by integrating and applying the right analytics tools.

Analytics to Boost Contact Center Performance

At DVSAnalytics, we develop analytics software, tools, training and support to help contact centers ensure the customer’s experience is the very best. These tools enable agents to operate more effectively, which cascades into operation efficiency and improved outcomes for interactions. We have been successful in this area for over 35 years. Supporting and collaborating with thousands of our satisfied customers, we have taken the guesswork out of contact center analytics – from calls, to desktop and speech analytics.

Searchable Data for Every Interaction

A wide variety of business processes become possible if the right data is captured and added to recorded interactions.
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Service Complaints
  • Identify Specific Results
  • Government Agency Audits
  • Quick Resolution to “He Said/She Said” disputes
Growing far beyond simple call recording, here are a few applications we have developed at DVSAnalytics to capture, leverage and protect critical data.5 Tools to Boost Contact Center Performance

Agent Assist

For organizations that approve of agents controlling the pause/resume functions, recording on demand, or adding data to the recording files, Agent Assist is a great option.


Encore eCapture is a software application that adds searchable data to the recording to enhance the search and retrieval of recordings and draw focus to interactions that need review. In addition, for compliance purposes, eCapture protects sensitive data by sending commands to the recorder to stop recording when sensitive information is collected.


While protecting sensitive information similar to eCapture, ePause is based on web pages (URL addresses). For organizations whose CRM software uses unique URL addresses during the collection of sensitive data, ePause achieves the same objective as eCapture.

Integration with Salesforce.com

Leveraging the Encore® pre-built application, Salesforce.com users can easily capture data and save it to the recording file.


Organizations wishing to develop their own integration with Encore to send start/stop events or capture data can use the Encore Web API.

Pulling Value from Existing Data

Every organization has a wealth of data, much of it being stored for compliance reasons, that remains untapped. DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to transform that data into actionable insights. The value gained from organized, tagged, and searchable data can be used to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Take a look at our case studies to see how our software is being used across today’s business landscape.