Workforce Management Solutions for Contact Centers

Every contact center faces the challenge of efficiently forecasting and scheduling agents. Whether it’s a question of seasonal traffic, new products and services, specific skill requirements, or intraday changes, effective management of agents can be a challenging proposition. This is where Workforce Management software solutions can help.

Contact Center Challenges

Forecasting staff, scheduling agents, and tracking agent attendance are challenges every contact center faces. Forecasting too many agents leads to increased costs, while forecasting too little means customer service suffers. Seasonal changes also present a unique set of concerns as contact center managers attempt to predict increased or reduced customer needs.

Scheduling is another concern as managers adjust for employee vacations and absences, increased or reduced customer demands, or general employee availability. Supervisors that use manual or less efficient scheduling methods waste precious time attempting to constantly modify staff schedules.

Automatically comparing agent schedules to agent attendance reveals patterns in work schedules, and helps to identify chronic attendance or tardiness concerns. 

Contact centers that choose to forgo workforce management tools miss the opportunity to improve agent attendance and lack the potential to easily track the history of customer needs. This lessens the contact center’s ability to better predict future customer needs and to staff accordingly.

Workforce Management solutions address these challenges and more to help contact centers improve overall operational performance and positively engage their agents.

Workforce Management Solutions

WFM solutions deliver significant benefits while executing your workforce management strategy. Whether working on-site or remote, the most effective WFM solutions provide accurate forecasting, optimized scheduling, and insightful real-time adherence. 


While some contact centers still agonize over spreadsheets and others use workforce management systems that are overly complicated and expensive, DVSAnalytics Workforce Management (WFM) is the most efficient solution, designed to give you exactly what you need.


Using historical data captured directly from your contact center, DVSAnalytics WFM delivers accurate forecasts that ensure your contact center is efficiently staffed to meet customer needs. The scheduling process is reduced to just minutes, rather than hours or even days, and is completed in a single application accessible on any device, from any location.

Forecast Staffing Needs

In today’s contact center, it’s critical that your Workforce Management solution accommodates a multi-skill, omnichannel environment. The DVSAnalytics WFM solution is easy to use for both first-time analysts or proven professionals with its intuitive user experience.

Predict and Plan for Needs

Create detailed, accurate staff forecasts based on historical data with DVSAnalytics WFM. Use bursting to easily adjust agent resources up or down, on demand, to accommodate seasonal changes.

Optimized Scheduling

The DVSAnalytics WFM scheduling feature not only provides instant optimized schedules, it also allows you to make changes in real-time. With intraday management, you can simply add activities or drag and drop shifts at any time to respond to sudden spikes in demand or last-minute absences. You can also repurpose agents during idle times and assign them offline tasks without impacting critical service level targets. DVSAnalytics WFM also includes a suite of reporting options so you can streamline HR and payroll operations to continuously improve performance.

Flexible Scheduling

An intuitive interface helps scheduling managers to concentrate on their tasks, not the software. The software measures cost versus coverage, and establishes individual efficiency goals. Once set, the schedule should be easy to distribute via automated dashboard notifications.


  • Schedules allow real-time changes

  • Adjust service levels to manage sudden changes

  • Manage multiple shift types, even rotational shifts

  • Modify agent shifts or activities with Intraday Management

remote workforce management

Agent Self-Scheduling

Agents can submit their availability and shift preferences, request shift changes, trade shifts with colleagues and manage their holidays from home or in the office. 

Reducing administrative overhead and offering agents more control over their work-life balance is a simple but powerful way to give the best experience for your agents, and ensure the lowest operational cost for your business. Providing greater flexibility leads to lower sick days and attrition, while boosting agent performance. Deliver the highest service levels for your customers by empowering your agents to:

  • Submit their availability and shift preferences

  • Request shift changes

  • Trade shifts with colleagues

  • Manage their holidays from home or in the office

Real Time Adherence

Increases in agent adherence can be achieved through the use of workforce management tools. Monitor schedule adherence, remotely or on-site, to significantly improve agent productivity. Consider: in a 100-agent contact center, a 10% increase in agent productivity is the equivalent of adding 10 agents into the schedule pool, without having to hire a single person!

Benefits of DVSAnalytics Workforce Management Solutions

Meet service level objectives while controlling costs. DVSAnalytics Workforce Management provides the tools you need to accurately manage, schedule and track real-time adherence for your staff. The value of DVS WFM solutions grows even greater with the following.

  • All-Inclusive Licensing – Forecasting, Scheduling, and Real-Time Adherence are included in every license

  • Low TCO – Remove expensive hardware costs from your balance sheet and reduce the burden on IT staff

  • OpEx Shift – Shorten the budget cycle and gain better budget flexibility by moving costs from CapEx to OpEx 

  • Secure & Reliable – Protect data with dependable cloud infrastructure

  • Automatic Updates – Receive the latest software upgrades automatically, at no charge

With its competitive pricing and quick ROI, DVSAnalytics Workforce Management is a great fit for contact centers of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more.

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