Salesforce CRM & Encore WFO: the Best of Both Worlds

With the Salesforce integration available from DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions, your contact center has a complete view within Salesforce of all customer interactions; including links to call recordings and metadata.

Integration of WFO and CRM

From within Salesforce or Encore® Workforce Optimization, you can quickly view a list of recordings based on an account, a case, a contact opportunity or user.

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions integrate with the Salesforce platform.

Streamline Operations with a Seamless Integration

A seamless integration between your WFO and CRM puts the information you need where you want to find it.

With Encore, powerful search capabilities include using filters in Salesforce to narrow your results to targeted interactions. Ultimately, you want to avoid leaving the CRM system  to review an interaction recording. With Encore’s integration to Salesforce, you just click the link to play the recording.

Securely integrated data and links allow you to pull recordings from the WFO system and play them in Salesforce.

Shared Data