Salesforce Data in Your Workforce Optimization Solution

DVS Interoperability illustrated as fitting puzzle pieces together.
Why does DVSAnalytics place such a high value on interoperability in contact center solutions? Look no further than our out-of-the-box Encore® Salesforce integration.

An Overview of the Encore Salesforce Integration

Simplify your contact center operations with the Encore Salesforce Integration. Developed for convenience and time-savings in mind, the integration allows you to review call recordings associated with cases and opportunities without leaving Salesforce. You can also evaluate recorded interactions based on Salesforce metadata without leaving Encore workforce optimization (WFO) solutions.

In Salesforce

  • Users don’t have to leave Salesforce to review the content from recorded customer interactions.
  • You can play an audio recording directly from a link within Salesforce.

In Encore

  • Your Salesforce data can be used to select recordings for evaluations.
  • Your Salesforce contact email addresses can immediately be used to send post contact surveys.

DVSAnalytics Delivers an Out-of-the-Box Solution

With the DVSAnalytics solution, no custom development is required to integrate your workforce optimization software with Salesforce. You simply identify which Salesforce data to associate with call recordings in your contact center – accounts, cases, contacts, opportunities, and more.

Practical WFO Solutions for Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics focuses on developing practical workforce optimization solutions for contact centers. Our solutions are built to simplify management’s daily workload and improve agent performance. Engineered with interoperability and compatibility in mind, Encore solutions are proven to boost agent productivity and retention, while reducing supervisor time. DVS is disrupting the WFO market by delivering convenience and cost-savings over traditional call recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce engagement solutions. Download our Salesforce Integration datasheet to learn more. Read our Paul Fredrick case study to discover how the national retailer is using Encore to boost their contact center performance and improve their customers’ experience.