With many contact centers contemplating transitioning to long-term work from home operations, the role of workforce optimization software for contact centers has now become more important than ever before. Maintaining industry compliance along with high standards of agent adherence, productivity and performance in an at-home workforce requires new procedures and tools to simplify management’s daily workload.

Workforce Optimization Solutions for Contact Centers

“Workforce optimization is a collection of applications that enable interaction capture (voice and non-voice), analytics, quality management, coaching and e-learning, and workforce management with agent scheduling, supported by collaboration.”

Source: Ventana Research in “The State of Workforce Optimization”

DVSAnalytics provides modular product components to deliver optimum business value to your contact center. Rather than be forced to invest in a one-size-fits-all platform, choose only the solutions you need now, with options to scale and easily add new solutions at your own pace.

infographic illustrating 4 key componets of Workforce Optimization software

Interaction Recording

Interaction Recording is the first step in building a compliant environment and an effective workforce optimization program. Records are saved with associated data for easy search and retrieval, and can be automatically encrypted for security.

  • Integrate with one or a combination of major unified communication platforms
  • Access recordings in the cloud or on-premise
  • Scale to any size across multiple departments or locations

Desktop Recording records agent desktop activity throughout the day. Desktop Recording helps to measure and improve the performance of agents working on chat or social media customer support desks. Desktop Recording provides insight into agent activities while assisting customers and during idle times.

Recording audio conversations and desktop activity provides a 360° perspective and adds significant contextual value during performance and process reviews.

Performance Management & Agent Engagement

Contact center managers are continually challenged to find time to coach agents for performance improvement. Quality Management, agent engagement, and performance management solutions go a long way toward solving this problem. Automatically trigger eCoaching and eLearning sessions to improve performance and reduce the need for one-on-one meetings.

  • Analytical tools to easily identify which interactions need to be reviewed
  • Complementary applications, like eCoaching and eLearning, that trigger activities to improve future interactions with customers
  • Progress reports on improvements and trends

Performance Management and Agent Engagement applications deliver tools and insights to continuously improve the outcome of each customer interaction, including the ability to review recorded interactions, internal and external.

Interaction Analytics

Analytics solutions take quality management (QM) processes to an entirely new level.  An analytics engine should automatically deliver actionable insights into the business and its customers, which can ultimately be used to improve the customer experience.

  • Call Analytics
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Speech Analytics

Practical Interaction Analytics convert unstructured data, trapped in the audio of recorded calls, into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. Applications include call, survey, desktop and speech analytics.

These applications add structure to recorded interactions by inserting metadata from sources such as the workforce optimization and unified communications platforms, answers to post contact surveys, CRM or other desktop applications and, in the case of speech analytics, from transcribing targeted audio recordings into text and applying filters.

3 key components of analytics software

Workforce Management

Contact center managers are continually challenged with scheduling agents to meet consistent customer service goals while controlling costs. Workforce Management solutions help solve this problem, whether your staff is on-premises or working from home.

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Portals
  • Agent Adherence

Workforce Management software leverages cutting edge technology to increase the level of consistency of customer service while controlling costs. Enable your team to coordinate, interact and collaborate while executing your specific workforce management strategy.

finding a balance with the help of workforce management software

Workforce Optimization to Keep Your Contact Center Productive & Engaged

Regardless of what channel your customers use to communicate with you, DVSAnalytics Encore® accurately captures, predicts, optimizes, manages and communicates your dynamic workforce plan to your entire contact center team, on-premise or working from home.

DVSAnalytics recently hosted a webinar that includes discussions on:

  • Real-world experiences from at-home contact centers
  • New ways to keep staff engaged
  • Tools for forecasting, scheduling & real-time adherence
  • Technology that enhances training, production, and engagement

This on-demand webinar explores the real-world experiences of Arizona Federal Credit Union’s contact center quickly transitioning to work from home operations, including some of the solutions they’ve deployed to keep their agents trained, engaged, and productive.

View the webinar to learn more about keeping your at-home workforce productive and engaged.