Mitel 3300 ICP 

Enhance your Mitel 3300 ICP with Encore

The Encore® Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management solution includes interaction recording, performance evaluations, analytics, coaching, surveys and more. Encore’s workforce management tools provide scheduling, forecasting and real-time, inter-day schedule adherence.

Mitel Compliance Tested

DVSAnalytics is an MSA Developer member of the Mitel Solutions Alliance. Encore has been compliance tested and approved to operate with the Mitel 3300 ICP.


Enhanced Quality Management & Business Intelligence

Encore’s Mitel 3300 ICP integration software captures and writes key metadata from the 3300 PBX to searchable fields in recorded interactions. While many solutions only capture basic data such as date, time, ANI and DNIS, Encore goes beyond the basics to capture and store data that provides users with the ability to quickly and efficiently retrieve:

By combining the metadata from Mitel with data from Encore Desktop and Speech Analytics, DVS adds even more business insight and intelligence to recorded interactions.

Solution Flexibility & Interoperability

Many enterprises have a mixed communication platform environment. Encore’s CT Integration software supports all the major brands, delivering one unified experience, regardless of the number of underlying platforms.