Improving the Patient Experience

storm over the city
Begin with tens to thousands of interactions a day – calls, text messages, emails – across offices, departments, programs, state lines, and even international boundaries. Layer in security regulations like HIPAA, designed to keep every patient’s information private. Add in highly stressful and emotional situations involving individuals and their families. Healthcare providers face a potential storm of chaos when dealing with patients and their care.

7 Tools to Enhance Patient Relations for Healthcare

A top priority for healthcare providers, patient care advances when using the right digital resources. These seven workforce optimization (WFO) and engagement management (WEM) tools improve the patient experience, ensure confidentiality of PHI, maintain HIPAA compliance, and keep the chaos at bay.

Compliant Recording and Encryption

Automatically encrypt patient information, CPT/ICD codes, and other sensitive data. Keep each patient’s private health information secure by encrypting it. Automatically ensure sensitive data, including medical records and payment information, stays protected.

Complete Interaction Recording

Infographic: 7 tools to Enhance Patient RelationshipsRecord call & screen interactions with patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, transportation providers, and pharmacies. Record complete interactions from start to finish, call and screen, to ensure accuracy in case of disputes or legal actions. Comprehensive recordings of patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, transportation providers, and even pharmacies can be analyzed to gain insights into every aspect of patient care.

Capture the Entire Customer Experience

Comprehensive interaction recording to capture the entire patient experience among multiple clinics and departments. Patients rarely experience a one-stop shop when it comes to healthcare. Patient information moves from one clinic to another, from doctors to labs and back again. All interactions should be tracked and recorded. Follow patient interactions from one clinic and department to the next, recording a comprehensive record that is secure and compliant.

Easy Access to Review & Evaluate Patient Interactions

Securely link & export interaction recordings to HIS & EMR systems. Once captured, recordings need to be readily available to the right people, at the right time. Quality Management applications can securely link and export the interaction recordings as needed, when required.

Secure Activity Logs & Permissions

Define, manage & track who accesses interaction recordings, features and functions. Continue to safeguard patient information by managing and tracking who views recordings. Controlling access to recordings is integral to organizational success. Customize and configure access to recordings to protect each patient’s PHI.

System Interoperability

Seamless integration with most major unified communications solutions. A workforce optimization (WFO) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solution should integrate with existing major communications platforms to provide a seamless user experience for physicians, staff and administration.

Workforce Engagement Management

Meet service level objectives and build an engaged, qualified staff with digital tools for training, scheduling, and gamification. An engaged staff equals improved performance and an enhanced patient experience. Use workforce engagement management software to schedule, train and engage staff, gaining valuable insights into workforce weaknesses and strengths.

VCU Medical Center Case Study

Located in Richmond, Virginia, the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center offers virtually every form of contemporary medical service. It is the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center for adults and children. Receiving thousands of calls each day, answered by employees in different clinics, departments and programs, VCU deployed DVSAnalytics’ Encore® solution to help meet their operational challenges. Download the VCU Medical Center case study.