DVSAnalytics’ Budget Neutral Pricing Model: How You Can Save Big on Your WFO Solution

If you are in the market for a Workforce Optimization (WFO) system, then you know that the costs can add up quickly. Many WFO solutions are very expensive for small and medium size businesses. DVSAnalytics has always been known for our affordable pricing options, and our budget neutral pricing model takes this one step further. With our budget neutral offering, you can save big on your WFO solution without compromising on features or functionality. In this blog post, we will discuss DVSAnalytics’ budget neutral pricing for contact centers and show how it can bring more value for less money at your contact center.

A Brand New WFO System for the Same Price Or Less

You might be wondering how DVSAnalytics can offer your contact center a brand new Workforce Optimization system for the same price or even less than what you’re currently paying. The answer is simple: we don’t believe that you should have to pay more for a better WFO solution. With our budget neutral pricing model, you can get all the key features you need to realize a strengthened and productive contact center workforce. So, how do we break this down for you?

We understand that contact centers will budget support for their WFO system for a given year. However, if your contact center makes the switch, DVS will provide you a new system including support and installation for the same OR less during that budget period. Meaning, you get a brand new WFO system for an equivalent  price or even less than you’re paying just for maintenance and support. That’s how DVSAnalytics is able to deliver greater value while remaining the leanest WFO option available.

DVS Offers the WFO Pricing Flexibility that You Need

Our budget neutral pricing model for Workforce Optimization provides considerable advantages, such as cost savings that add up over time. Oftentimes, contact centers will be paying more than what they should for essential features like support and maintenance.  When investing in WFO with DVS, however, you can get all of the essential features and functionality needed for a fair and budget friendly price. So, how does DVS accomplish this?

First, we’ll determine what your business is paying for support with your current system. And more often than not, our WFO system will turn out to be less. If not, however, we will adjust your billing accordingly to ensure that you’re paying either the same or less than your current plan. We do this by dispersing new systems, installation, and support costs over the term to ensure that you’re not paying even a cent more than you already are. This means that you can get all the features and functionality you need without needing to adjust your budget to accommodate.

The Most Affordable Workforce Optimization Solution for Contact Centers

When it comes to choosing a new WFO solution for your contact center, price is always a consideration. But it’s not necessarily the only one. With DVS, not only are you getting the more affordable option, you’re also getting the tools you need to manage and optimize your contact center workforce just as effectively. The only difference? Our system is more user-friendly, less expensive to maintain, and can achieve what your existing system can do today – especially when you include key features like Quality Management (QM) and Speech Analytics. This is all while operating within your allocated budget.

Discussing finances is no longer a dreaded conversation when you work with DVS. In fact, we encourage it! Our budget-neutral Workforce Optimization pricing model is designed to save you money and deliver more value than your existing system.  This is how DVS can do more for less when providing comprehensive contact center WFO solutions. Get in touch with our team at DVSAnalytics to learn more about how we can help you make the switch at a price that’s more affordable than ever.