Building Stronger Relationships

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Unlike banks, credit unions don’t have customers, they have members. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that speaks loudly of their intent to build strong relationships with the people who entrust their money to the credit union. It clearly states, “We’re in this together!”

Keeping all employees focused on business or organizational goals is a challenge. Add in the difficulty of building and maintaining strong relationships with the people using your goods or services, and the value of healthy interactions becomes vital to achieving those goals.

Contact Centers: The Front Line of Interaction

Contact centers have changed over the past decade. Today, the number of agents in a North American contact center ranges from as few as three people up to thousands of agents, some working together in a single large office, others scattered across the country, many of them working remotely from home.

Customers expect more from their interactions with company representatives today, and their satisfaction is the new measure of success. It’s become the major differentiator in most industries. As a result, a primary goal of today’s contact center is building stronger relationships.

For credit unions, operating under tighter rules and regulations than banks, satisfied members are the difference between success and failure. Compliance with local and federal regulations, maintaining member confidentiality, and protecting members from fraudulent activity are just some of the daily challenges.

Digital Tools to Empower Agents, Supervisors & Managers

In a crowded marketplace, full of consumers that want different things at different times across different channels, meeting expectations is a challenge. Ultimately, customers want a satisfying answer when they reach out to a contact center.

Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions are designed to boost contact center performance. A WFO/WEM solution should smoothly integrate with the unified communications solution deployed, as well as the existing contact center software platform, on-premises or via the cloud.

Beyond interoperability, a WFO/WEM solution should be simple to use, cost effective, and flexible enough to easily scale to meet the demands of seasonal peaks and business growth. With the massive upsurge in digital communications, contact centers need to be equipped for the profound impact they have on the customer’s experience.

6 Common Contact Center Issues Solved

Infographic: 6 Common Contact Center Issues SolvedA tightly integrated WFO / WEM solution should solve these common issues encountered in a modern contact center.

Identify Customer Interactions that Matter

Flag interactions with unhappy customers and, if necessary, take immediate action.

Improve Employee Performance

Cut supervisor/agent time up to 50% with eCoaching.

Ensure Compliance & Reduce Risk

Comply with security requirements for PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies with compliance tools.

Enhance Workforce Scheduling

Forecast to meet your service level objectives and quickly implement intraday scheduling changes.

Resolve Disputes

Easily locate specific voice and screen recordings to quickly resolve misunderstandings.

Increase Employee Engagement

Engage your agents while increasing their job performance, satisfaction and sales rates with engagement tools.

Encore, Encore

By offering customers convenient solutions to any issues that may arise, contact center agents create a more positive customer experience that builds loyalty and ultimately improves the company brand.

The Encore® Workforce Optimization and Engagement Management solution from DVSAnalytics is engineered to seamlessly integrate into all major UC platforms and contact center software, on-premise or in the cloud. From secure call and screen recording, to quality assurance and comprehensive reporting, DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.

Measuring What Matters

When the Arizona Federal Credit Union took steps to encourage employee-goal coordination, including deploying the Encore suite of WFO / WEM software, they made astonishing headway toward their company goals.

Before the deployment, Arizona Federals’ contact center reacted to member calls. With the insights gained from Encore, Arizona Federal saw an opportunity to facilitate business changes by making their contact center more proactive.

Today, when members call Arizona Federal, contact center agents help them resolve their immediate issues, and then take the time to inform members about products, self-services options, and other programs designed to maximize the benefits of membership in the Credit Union.

For the whole story, download the Arizona Federal Credit Union case study.