Practical Workforce Optimization for Cloud Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics Encore® Workforce Optimization solutions improve the customer experience, maximizing employee engagement and productivity by offering analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.

DVSAnalytics has over three decades of experience in the contact center space and is a long-time Avaya DevConnect Partner. During that time, DVS has developed a secure, dependable, and scalable WFO solution that has been compliance tested with Avaya UC and CC platforms.

Workforce Optimization for Avaya Communications

DVSAnalytics provides modular product components to deliver optimum business value to your Avaya contact center.

Add structure to call recordings, categorizing interactions in meaningful ways and gain a 360° view of customer interactions with DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions.

4 Key Components of DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization

Compliance Tested

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions have been compliance tested and approved to operate with the following Avaya platforms:

DVSAnalytics is a member of the Avaya DevConnect program. Find us on the DevConnect Marketplace at DevConnect Marketplace – Encore.

Performance Management

Encore Workforce Optimization solutions enable Avaya contact centers to streamline daily workloads for supervisors, improve agent performance, boost operations, and enhance the customer experience.

Interaction Recording

Call Recording, Voice & Screen Desktop Recording, Omni-channel, and Recording Between Call Activity.

Performance Management & Agent Engagement

Automated coaching, eLearning, Surveys, and Gamification.

Workforce Management

Forecasting, Scheduling, Real-time Adherence, and Mobile Access.

Interaction Analytics

Advanced Search & Retrieval, Call, Desktop, Survey, and Speech Analytics.

DVS Interaction Analytics removes the guess work of reviews based on limited sample sizes by providing analytics-enabled performance and quality management, streamlining the evaluations process while improving agent performance.

RingCentral and DVS speech, desktop, and call analytics

Enhance Your Avaya Cloud Office Contact Center

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions add structure to call recordings, categorizing interactions in meaningful ways and delivering a 360° view of customer interactions.