4 Ways to Boost Your Contact Center Productivity and Performance with Workforce Optimization Solutions

In today’s market, customers are in the driver’s seat, and they like speed– pedal to the metal. Information, answers, products, and much more; they want it all fast. These high expectations require efficiency and increase the importance of contact centers and customer service agents when building an exceptional customer experience. Happy Customers = Happy Company. To keep up and exceed the needs of today’s consumers, it’s imperative that your contact center not only has a full gas tank but also keeps a close eye on fuel efficiency. Car analogies aside, workforce optimization is your contact center’s all-in-one solution for increasing agent performance while also meeting complex customer needs. But how?

Here are four ways Workforce Optimization works to boost your contact center productivity and performance while helping you deliver an exceptional customer experience!

1. Record and Monitor Customer Interactions

The first step in improving the customer experience is accurately identifying what that experience looks like. A negative review, NPS score, or email provides some insight, but imagine being able to review first-hand what happened in the customer-agent interaction that sparked the negative feedback. With Interaction Recording by DVSAnalytics, you can review the entire exchange by syncing screen and audio recordings. When your visibility increases, so does your quality.

Quality management and performance management with DVSAnalytics
Having a Holistic View of the Customer Experience is a Breeze with Interaction Recording:


If your contact center needs to better monitor how agents use different software or applications, the desktop recording captures agent desktop activity throughout the day in 10-minute increments. With these insights, you can understand roadblocks or issues agents may experience and target training for improved performance, even monitoring agents’ interactions on chat or social media customer support channels. Then, with accurate data and insights, you can implement the right training strategy for your team.

2. Leverage Analytics to Investigate Agent Performance

A fulfilling customer experience begins with the agent. It’s important to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and people skills to direct each unique customer toward the solution that fits their needs. While Interaction Recording provides the insights, Analytics allow you to focus on specific interactions and identify areas that need attention.

Capture every view of an interaction and turn it into data with Speech Analytics, Desktop Analytics and, of course, Call Metadata. Let’s say the closing of every call prompts a keyphrase, such as, “It was a pleasure to assist you today.” By using analytics to review the interaction data, the technology can recognize whether the agent closed the call using the keyphrase or not, and store the data for review, scoring, and training purposes. 

DVSAnalytics interaction recording
Analytics Allow You to Continuously Organize and Optimize Operations by:

Our contact center software automatically delivers actionable insights into your operations and customers, which then highlights where your contact center is succeeding and uncovers opportunities for growth. Analytics inform the Quality Management (QM) process, which ultimately improves the customer experience from the root.

3. Track Performance for Coaching and Training

Effective Quality Management solutions provide agents insight into their performance, which empowers them to take ownership and initiative. Imagine having the data to determine where your team needs to make improvements and the ability to identify outstanding performers so kudos can be awarded. With DVSAnalytics solutions, you can categorize recorded interactions by any desired differentiator, such as agent or keywords and keyphrases.

Easily track performance by analyzing data, reviewing interactions, and evaluating agent performance using custom scorecards. Automatically trigger eCoaching and eLearning lessons based on your predetermined set of standards. You can now improve performance while reducing the need for constant, one-on-one meetings, giving you back the time needed to focus on innovation and strategy.

automated coaching elaerning
Quality Management Optimizes Your Contact Center by:


The information has always been there, and now DVSAnalytics Quality Management solution can help you tie it all together and make impactful, lasting improvements. You can take meaningful action towards maximizing your contact center’s efficiency and refining the customer experience.

4. Forecast and Schedule Your Team to Meet Service Level Objectives While Controlling Costs

Optimizing your contact center requires you to allot resources strategically, including your agent’s time and energy. Being over or understaffed is a pain for any business, but especially for companies whose success thrives on timely and efficient service, i.e. contact centers in any industry.

Using Workforce Management by DVS enables you to schedule your agents to meet customer service goals by giving you an enhanced level of visibility into your operations. Accurate forecasting is key to efficient use of your agent’s productivity– and your payroll, too. Limit idle time for agents, prevent long wait times for customers and alleviate agitation for both.

wfm, workforce management
Strategically and Effectively Manage Your Workforce by:


Workforce Management software leverages cutting-edge technology to increase the level of consistency of customer service while simultaneously controlling costs, regardless of your staff being on-premise or working from home. Enable your team to coordinate, interact and collaborate while executing your specific workforce management strategy.

Keep Your Contact Center Productive & Engaged With Workforce Optimization

Regardless of what channel your customers use to communicate with you, DVSAnalytics Encore® accurately captures, predicts, optimizes, manages and communicates your dynamic workforce plan to your entire contact center team. Equip every team member with the tools to be proactive in their performance, development, and success.

DVSAnalytics hosted a webinar explaining how Workforce Optimization provides:

This on-demand webinar explores the real-world experiences of Arizona Federal Credit Union with Workforce Optimization by DVSAnalytics. It explains how their contact center efficiently transitioned to work from home operations without hindering their performance and includes some of the solutions they’ve deployed to keep their agents trained, engaged, and productive.

View the webinar to learn more about keeping your at-home workforce productive and engaged.

Workforce Optimization Solutions for Contact Centers

Rather than pay the high price of a one-size-fits-all platform, choose the specific solutions that truly benefit your contact center with DVSAnalytics modular product solution. As your contact center grows, you have the option to scale and easily add new solutions at your own pace. DVSAnalytics modular product solutions deliver optimum business value to your contact center.