DVSAnalytics modular Workforce Optimization Solutions are engineered to specifically meet the unique needs of your contact center.

Empower Agents, Exceed Expectations

DVSAnalytics delivers secure call recording and screen recording solutions, engineered to adapt to your organization’s specifications and scale with your growth. Improve customer service, maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insights.

Analytics by DVS provide greater insight into your contact center. DVS Speech Analytics converts audio recordings into searchable data to deliver rich business intelligence about your business and customers. Desktop Analytics uses metadata from third-party applications, such as CRM platforms or communication platforms to categorize interactions in ways meaningful to your business.

DVSAnalytics Quality Management provides evaluation and coaching tools to continuously improve the outcome of each customer interaction. Review interactions, trigger automated coaching based on evaluations, and motivate agents with easy contest management.

DVSAnalytics Reporting

DVSAnalytics captures empirical data to produce reports sliced in a variety of ways. Run reports on-demand or schedule them to send on a preconfigured schedule.

Easily schedule contact center staff to meet service level objectives while controlling costs with DVSAnalytics Workforce Management software. Multiple forecasting methods, flexible scheduling tools, and real-time agent adherence maximize your contact center resources.

Data driven insights to improve performance

Our solutions deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations to improve the customer experience. Engineered to integrate with major communication platforms, DVS Workforce Optimization solutions are easy to install and manage.

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Licensing Made Easy

Choose the right licensing model for your contact center.

Scale resources up or down, on demand, and reduce your total cost of ownership with SaaS licensing. DVSAnalytics provides everything you need from the cloud, including the infrastructure, as an OPEX solution.

Shift from CAPEX to OPEX and deliver a predictable TCO to maximize your budget with Subscription licensing, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution. Available coterminous billing simplifies accounting & renewals.

Purchase as a one-time, CAPEX solution with Perpetual licensing. Best for contact centers with a fixed number of users and an in-house IT team to manage infrastructure needs.

Practical solutions for contact centers

Our software delivers powerful and secure call & screen recording, analytics, quality management, and workforce management solutions.

All the tools required to streamline your supervisors’ daily workload, empower your workforce, augment your contact center, and enhance the voice of the customer in one highly interoperable platform, on-premises or in the cloud.


DVSAnalytics Solutions are engineered for compatibility with these major communications platforms and more.

Case Studies


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VCU Medical Center

Arizona Federal Credit union DVSAnalytics case study

Arizona Federal Credit Union

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Cobb EMC

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“The challenge was to leverage the opportunity in those conversations to educate them on the products and services and maximize the benefit of their membership.”

Melissa B.

Sr. Director of Remote Services, Arizona Federal Credit Union


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