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How You Can Transform Your Customer Service with Customer Insights

Workforce Management solutions help companies manage their staff more efficiently through forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, real-time adherence and reporting.

Delivering exceptional customer service is paramount in the contact center industry. According to a recent study, US companies lose over $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. The implications of this statistic alone are staggering, pointing to the urgent need for businesses to leverage tools that help their agents achieve better service outcomes.

This is where DVSAnalytics makes a difference – offering tools like interaction recording, robust analytics, and automated eCoaching solutions to ensure agents are continually improving their skills and delivering exceptional service. By embracing DVSAnalytics’ Workforce Optimization system, companies can reduce the financial losses associated with poor customer service and complicated systems, drive higher customer satisfaction rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth that benefits the entire organization.

How to Address Rising Operational Costs

Encore’s solution is designed to help businesses address the challenge of rising operational costs. Our solution yields a return on investment and delivers a range of benefits that cost less than what companies are already paying. Our Workforce Management (WFM) features aim at minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO). At the same time, our WFO solutions offer far more value for a fraction of the cost than other solutions on the market.

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