Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Quotation from the DVSAnalytics case study: and Broadway Across America

Imagine you handle tickets sales for Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, touring musicals and plays, even theatrical shows on the other side of the Atlantic in London’s West End. You have two contact centers to handle ticket sales, customer’s questions, complications, satisfaction, and the overall experience. This is the daily challenge of and Broadway Across America.

When began looking to boost the performance of their contact centers, their priorities for a Workforce Optimization solution were clear:

  • Reliability & Uptime
  • Powerful Interaction Recording
  • Robust Quality Management tools
  • User-friendly eCoaching and eLearning tools

They were seeking a reliable call recording solution that could also help them reduce the time and expense of supervisor/agent meetings, improve agent training, scheduling, engagement, and management.

Quality Management & Empowered Agents

A too-frequently overlooked aspect of quality management solutions developed specifically for contact centers is empowering its agents. Empowering agents enables self-improvement; building their skills and improving their performance without the need for one-on-one meetings with supervisors.

A key ability many contact centers like are looking for is the ability to allow agents to securely review their own interaction recordings. This should include the ability for supervisors to add their comments and suggestions for the agent to their individual recordings. This reduces the need of supervisor/agent review/coaching meetings. It also removes the associated “meetings” anxiety that comes when they are used solely to inform agents of their errors.

This seemingly simple option – empowering agents to review their own recordings – pays multiple dividends when combined with automated coaching and eLearning solutions. Agents are given the ability to listen to their interactions, refresh their knowledge with lessons and materials as needed, and improve their performance. A gamification solution can automate contests and games to provide motivation and rewards for agents who meet and exceed organizational goals.

Empowered contact center agents – engaged, well-trained, and motivated – equate to an improved Customer Experience (CX).

Secure Interaction Recording

Software solutions in today’s contact center must meet Federal and State Compliance regulations for their industry. While you want agents to have access to their individual recordings, so they can review and improve their performance, security remains the priority.

A workforce optimization solution should provide the features to enable both goals.

  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Scrubbing
  • ePause
  • Audit Logs
  • Access Control

These capabilities help satisfy compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

A contact center interaction recording solution should include the ability to encrypt recordings, or pause recording for specific portions of conversations, based on your pre-determined criteria. These built-in security features help ensure confidential personal and financial information is protected from unauthorized users.

Encore on Broadway

After researching secure workforce optimization solutions built specifically for contact centers, and Broadway Across America chose Encore® from DVSAnalytics. Shortly after implementation, Broadway Across America began using Encore screen recordings to improve agent call flow and locate process issues within their CRM software. This reduced hold times and decreased overall talk time by 10%. Beyond improved customer satisfaction, these reductions delivered a significant monthly savings.

Download our Broadway Case Study to learn more about how Encore delivered a quick and continuing return on’s investment.