Retail Sales & the Contact Center

Paul Fredrick case study testimonial for DVSAnalytics.

NEC Advantage 2019 was a fantastic event with a large variety of opportunities for learning, experiencing, sharing, socializing, and recognizing NEC partners and resellers from around the world. DVSAnalytics was pleased to take part. We’ve been technology partners with NEC for over 15 years, developing seamless integrations to NEC phone systems for use in contact centers. Our clients with NEC phone systems appear across all industries – from retail sales to healthcare.

DVS Interoperability with NEC

DVSAnalytics invests in developing and maintaining robust integrations with our technology partners like NEC because we understand communications platforms are the heart of contact center operations. This is where all interactions between agents and customers occur. Interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center are key factors in achieving a high standard of performance.

With the rise of eCommerce and the challenges facing traditional brick & mortar stores, the contact center has become a key factor in customer service and satisfaction. Together with NEC, DVSAnalytics provides the contact center tools required by retailers like Paul Fredrick.

Paul Fredrick

Founded 25 years ago, Paul Fredrick designs, manufactures and directly distributes men’s clothing, including tailored dress shirts, stylish Italian ties, trousers, suits and more. The company sells its collections through catalogs, the company website, and social media sites such as Amazon and Living Social.

Without wholesaler and store front distribution points, Paul Fredrick’s contact centers in Pennsylvania and Georgia are critical links to servicing its customers. Contact center representatives field a variety of calls including placing orders, assisting customers with website orders, returns, exchanges, promotional offers, billing questions, etc.

Paul Fredrick is committed to providing superior customer service. Using the Encore® Interaction Recording solution to quickly locate and review recorded conversations is key in QA monitoring and continuously improving their service quality. Download our Paul Fredrick case study to learn more about Encore workforce optimization solutions from DVSAnalytics.

“Encore helps employees learn to provide customers with correct information. Some agents take 50-60 calls a day and it’s difficult to remember exactly what happened on each call, so the voice and screen recording is valuable when reviewing calls and training agents.”

Lisa Brugger
Supervisor and Email Coordinator, Paul Fredrick

Solving Problems for Contact Centers

For many organizations and companies, their contact centers are a vital frontline in their customer experience, satisfaction and relationships. Encore workforce optimization from DVSAnalytics provides the solutions needed for today’s contact centers: interaction recording, analytics, quality management, customized reporting, workforce management tools, speech analytics, and more – all developed with the specific goal of boosting contact center performance.

DVSAnalytics solutions are built to help ensure Compliance and reduce risk for today’s contact centers.

  • Encore provides a number of compliance tools that allow you to comply with PCI and all industry and governmental regulations.

Identifying Customer Interactions That Matter

  • Encore allows you to easily flag interactions with unhappy customers and, if necessary, take immediate action.

Enhancing Workforce Scheduling

  • Encore Workforce Management solutions help you meet your service level objectives and implement intraday scheduling changes quickly.

Accelerating Dispute Resolution

  • Encore enables you to quickly locate voice & screen recordings to quickly resolve any misunderstanding.

Improving Agent Performance

  • After implementing eCoaching, one Encore customer’s KPIs improved by 70%, while one-on-one supervisor/agent time was cut in half.

Improving Employee Engagement

  • Agents in one Contact Center producing in the bottom third of sales production increased their evaluation scores by 25%, and their sales per hour more than doubled in the quarter following Encore implementation and training.

“The web-based Encore installation was seamless.”

Jon Fisher
IT Administrator, Paul Fredrick

Business Intelligence for the Contact Center

Beyond the benefits provided by our robust workforce optimization solutions, Encore’s NEC Integration software combines metadata from NEC’s contact center software with data from Encore Desktop and Speech Analytics. This metadata delivers business insight and intelligence to all recorded interactions.

Download our Paul Fredrick case study to discover how they’re using Encore to boost their contact center performance and improve the customer experience.