Arizona Federal Credit Union

See how DVSAnalytics has helped optimize Arizona Federal Credit Union

About Arizona Federal Credit Union

Established in 1936, Arizona Federal Credit Union (Arizona Federal) has expanded from 50 members with an average account balance of five dollars to a cooperative of 120,000 members with 15 branch locations. Arizona Federal, which offers a growing range of financial services, is among the largest credit unions and is a leader in digital offerings to its members.

Arizona Federal originally adopted Encore in 2006 to record all customer service calls in their contact center for quality assurance. At that time, agents were receiving approximately 90,000 calls per month. Over the past ten years, business has changed. With the increased popularity of online banking and the popularity of mobile technology, calls have decreased, but conversations have become longer and more complex.

“We stay with DVSAnalytics because of their evident commitment to us as their customer, ongoing improvements in Encore, and their willingness to add features that meet their customers’ needs. Most importantly, DVSAnalytics remains current with their technology partners to ensure compatibility and ease of transition from one upgrade to the next”, recalls Cathy Roelle, Vice President of Teleservices.


As Arizona Federal grew and their remote offerings expanded, they have strategically targeted utilization of services with their membership. With more to offer through online and mobile banking, Arizona Federal needed to make members aware of all their products and ensure their comfort in using them. When members do call, agents not only need to resolve their current issues, they also need to spend time educating members on their financial services options, and promote the benefit of membership.

“Strategically, the goal was to get members to use self-service whenever possible, and call us when they have more complex issues and concerns. The challenge was to leverage the opportunity in those conversations to educate them on the products and services and maximize the benefit of their membership,” explains Melissa Brown, Sr. Director of Remote Services.

How DVSAnalytics Optimized their Workflow

After a thorough assessment of their current platforms in 2013, Arizona Federal decided to move to a new unified communication (phone) system. The partnership between DVSAnalytics and their new phone vendor….

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