A Year in Review: DVSAnalytics’s Achievements & Vision for 2023

The past year has been an exciting journey for DVSAnalytics. In our quest to deliver a highly competitive solution set at an unbeatable price point, we have achieved significant milestones and expanded our capabilities. We have had several key initiatives occur throughout the course of 2022, many of which have set us up for success for the year to come. Here, we’ll discuss DVSAnalytics’s highlights from 2022 including new products, accomplishments, and plans for the year ahead.

Focusing In On New Products & Services for Our WFO Solution

DVS has had an impactful year in terms of providing new products, services, and integrations to improve the overall customer experience. To start, we developed integrations for our Workforce Management application to a number of Contact Center platforms. Now, contact centers can cost effectively manage the scheduling and adherence of their agents.  

Another exciting initiative our team took on this year is our Leaner, Greener, & Meaner campaign, which emphasizes DVSAnalytics’ tremendous advantages to contact centers. Offering efficiency enhancing functionality for far less money than competing solutions, this campaign highlights DVS’ mission to be a lean,  nimble company that focuses on driving value and savings to our dedicated customers.  A good example of this is the incredible value our customers can derive out of Encore’s Speech Analytics package.  Easy to deploy, and simple to use along with a fast return on investment.

DVSAnalytics has made available several exciting new software releases this year that improve the useability of Encore functionality while migrating from Microsoft Silverlight to an HTML5 framework. Some of the enhancements:

  • New dashboard design
  • Filters functionality
  • Evaluation forms
  • Expanded integrations for the Encore WFM product
  • Developed Encore WFO integrations to Intermedia & Xima
  • Improved support for recording agents who work from home
  • Standardized page controls such as a new menu as well as selected item menu
  • New permissions functionality including displaying user permissions alongside group permissions

This Year’s Accomplishments for the DVS Team

Our achievements would not be possible without our dedicated and loyal customer base. Our team is constantly seeking ways to improve customer satisfaction and this past year has been no exception. In doing so, we’ve migrated our ticketing system to Salesforce.com, developed new integrations, introduced new capabilities, and even new ways to assess customer satisfaction with our platform.

Some of our proudest accomplishments of this year include:

  • Latest releases of 8.3, 8.4, and 8.5 while moving toward completion of the Silverlight migration to HTML5.
  • New integrations to Xima/Chronicall and Intermedia in addition to a number of WFM integrations.
  • Launching our DMCC Stereo recording capability.
  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) System that measures customer satisfaction with our product.

Final Thoughts For 2022 & the Outlook for 2023

In 2022, DVSAnalytics dove head first into new and exciting opportunities to elevate our product in our never ending endeavor to provide more value to our customers. As we forge ahead, 2023 looks extremely promising and we can’t wait for our customers to see what we have in store. 

Encore release 9 is scheduled for mid 2023 and promises to bring new innovations with it. In terms of partnerships and expanding our WFO footprint, we’re excited to formalize our relationship with Xima/Chronicall to add to our portfolio of integrations.

Our team here at DVSAnalytics cannot express enough gratitude for the success that 2022 has afforded us. With that being said,  we are excited to keep up the good work for a prosperous 2023. We want to thank our dedicated customer base for carrying us into the new year.  We are grateful for your steadfast loyalty and partnership in what has been a truly remarkable year!