6 Ways to Engage Contact Center Work-From-Home Employees

The work-from-home (WFM) trend is only going to continue to grow from 2022 and beyond. This is great news for employees who get to enjoy the many benefits of working from home, but it can also be a challenge for contact center managers who need to find ways to keep their remote employees engaged. In this blog post, we will discuss six ways to engage your WFH employees and improve productivity across your contact center.

Use Video Chat and Collaboration Tools

Huddle up with teammates virtually by using video chatting and collaboration tools. Not only can employees feel more connected, but they can work together more efficiently by sharing files, screens, and ideas in real-time. This is a great way to keep employees engaged and promote more collaborative efforts. Utilizing these tools will help keep everyone on the same page while also fostering a sense of community among employees.

Leverage Quality Management Tools

Use Quality Management (QM) tools to help work-from-home contact center agents stay on track and improve their performance. QM tools can be used to monitor and score employee calls, giving managers the ability to provide feedback that will help employees improve their skills.

Provide Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is a must for work from home contact center employees. Since agents are not bound by the traditional workweek, they should be given the freedom to work when it best suits their needs. This will help them maintain a work/life balance that works for them and your company, which can lead to increased engagement and productivity.

Implement Employee Incentives

Employee incentives are a great way to keep work from home contact center agents engaged and motivated. Agents can be incentivized based on their performance, customer satisfaction scores, or other metrics. Common incentives include gift cards, paid time off, and bonuses.

Encourage Employee Development

Encouraging work from home contact center agents to develop their skills will not only make them better at their jobs, but it will also help them feel more motivated. Employees can be encouraged to develop their skills through online courses, attending webinars, or through holding regular training sessions for employees.

Use Gamification

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics to encourage employees to reach their goals. This can be done by incorporating contests, keeping teams aware of their top performers and contenders, as well as other elements of competition into the work from home contact center agent experience.

How DVS Gamification is Keeping WFH Employee Morale High

DVS Gamification allows for work-from-home contact center employees to see their progress and how it stacks up against their peers, while providing transparency for supervisors. Moreover, with the ability to monitor customer responses, business can track the progress of their initiatives and gauge improvements in customer response.

How does this help work-from-home employees? With the data that Encore provides, work-from-home contact center managers are able to adjust their employee incentives programs on-the-fly. If work-from-home employees see that their company is making an effort to improve the work-from-home experience, employee retention will soar and they will be more motivated than ever.

Why DVS?

Woman working from home on laptop. Wearing headphones.

With DVS, contact centers are able to collect vast amounts of integral employee data that will help their business continuously improve. With the ability to quickly gain insights on internal performance trends, contact centers are better able to gauge employee productivity and performance.

DVSAnalytics provides the tools contact centers need to better engage WFH employees while also providing the data-driven insights necessary to make real-time improvements that will have a lasting impact.

Curious how DVSAnalytics can help you engage your WFH employees? Get in touch with us today.