7 Tools to Augment Work from Home Contact Centers

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Contact centers have responded well to the demands 2020 has placed upon them by rapidly transitioning their staff to work-from-home operations. No one is sure how long these conditions will continue. So, for many, the question has become how to ensure contact center agents, supervisors and managers have all the tools they need to maintain high performance levels: interaction recording, new employee and ongoing agent training, interaction analytics, and performance management, including eCoaching and eLearning software. This is where workforce optimization (WFO) and workforce management (WFM) solutions come in, regardless of whether your contact center platform is based on-premise or in the cloud, or whether your agents are in the office or working from home. At its core, workforce optimization should provide interaction recording, analytics, quality and performance management. Workforce management software includes forecasting, scheduling, and adherence tools. It should also provide convenient ways for supervisors to efficiently communicate short-term schedule changes or new requirements to their teams. When it comes to workforce optimization solutions, here are seven abilities contact centers should look for [infographic].

7 Key Software Tools for Working from Home Agents & Supervisors

Performance & Quality Management

Quality and performance management tools should improve agent performance and new staff training for work from home employees, boosting retention and increasing participation with user-friendly quality assurance tools.

Dispute Resolution

Quickly respond to inquiries and complaints related to customer interactions with quality call and screen recordings, extensive data capture, and powerful search capabilities.

Incident Documentation for Legal Purposes

In case of legal proceedings, your WFO solution should deliver a comprehensive record of each interaction, complete with activity logs and controlled permissions to meet evidentiary standards.

Agent Scheduling

A Workforce Management solution should provide forecasting, scheduling, agent portals, and real-time agent adherence. WFM solutions should help schedule the right agents with the right skills to best serve your customers at the right time – staff forecasting including single or multi-skilled, dynamic, static, date range, excel data, or manual data entry – while avoiding idle agents.

Inbound Activity Monitoring

Immediately evaluate customer interactions based on specific marketing or sales campaigns with Call and Desktop Analytics software and post-contact Surveys. These are a core function of Interaction Analytics.

Integration with Major CRMs

Interoperability with most customer relationship management solutions, such as Salesforce, smooth operations and enables advanced search functionality with a multitude of filters customized for your organization. The combination of a CRM and a workforce optimization solution customized to fit your business needs simplifies contact center management’s daily workload.

Security and Advanced Fraud Detection

Ensure confidential information in customer interaction recordings is protected, also helping to satisfy PCI, HIPAA, and other industry Compliance requirements.

Encore Workforce Optimization

The emphasis on improving the customer experience has proven to be a differentiator, making workforce optimization and workforce management solutions a must-have for contact centers. Ultimately, the goal of WFO and WFM solutions is to enhance the customer experience and boost contact center performance. DVSAnalytics’ Encore® Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management solutions deliver the tools to simplify management’s daily workload, enhance agent performance, and improve customer satisfaction. Engineered for compatibility with all major communication platforms, DVSAnalytics solutions are available with flexible licensing plans: Perpetual, Subscription & SaaS.

On-Demand Webinar: Keep At-Home Contact Centers Productive and Engaged

In this recorded DVS webinar, Danielle Durham, Director of Teleservices at Arizona Federal Credit Union, joined Kathleen Kelly, VP of Sales at DVSAnalytics, to discuss:
  • Real-world experiences about transitioning to at-home operations during Covid-19
  • Surprises encountered during the workforce transition to work from home
  • New ways to keep remote contact center agents engaged
  • Technology that enhances training, production, and engagement
Danielle Durham detailed her daily interaction schedule with her at-home agents, and how the move to home offices have impacted teams and management. Kathleen Kelly shared ideas from other DVS customers about how they are helping their home office staff stay productive and engaged. View the webinar for the complete story.