Is Your Business Paying Too Much for Call Recording Software?

Call recording software for business and contact centers has been around for decades. It is a commonplace tool that allows a company to keep records of their customer conversations, analyze data, and track calls for quality and research purposes. However, with this comes the cost of maintaining outdated, antiquated systems, which leads to higher maintenance fees and a lack of innovation in the long run. 

However, with the advent of modern, cost-effective call recording software like Encore, businesses can reap the benefits of an all-encompassing solution. Here, we’ll discuss the drawbacks of standard call recording software, the benefits of Quality Management (QM) with call recording, and how to get your call recording software to do more for less with DVSAnalytics’ Encore platform. 

The Drawbacks of Standard Call Recording Software for Contact Centers

In the past, standard call recording software merely recorded conversations between agents and customers mainly for compliance purposes as well as dispute resolution. As data analytics became progressively important over the years, companies that put call recordings to use for training and quality purposes developed a marked advantage over their competitors. 

While call recordings have always been a “gold mine” of information, companies need a way to gather and analyze that data. With the implementation of a Quality Management (QM) application on top of Call Recording, a business can unlock the full potential of the data in their recordings, monitoring the end-to-end interaction and providing detailed insights into customer behavior.

With the implementation of QM and speech analytics transcription services, businesses can use this once-basic tool in a variety of new ways. New, more modern systems can help users organize, retrieve, and review audio and desktop recordings to unlock business intelligence that was previously inaccessible. Call recording software for business should go beyond just recording and analyzing conversations.

The Benefits of Quality Management Tools

With a sound call recording and quality management system, you can unlock many benefits not included with competing call recording software for contact centers. One of the benefits of QM is the ability to assess customer-agent interactions, uncover areas for improvement, customize the criteria used to score, and improve agent performance with timely coaching and evaluation. You can use QM to track how successful your agents are with a particular customer, how well they deal with complicated interactions, and how they perform during specific tasks.

Encore includes powerful QM tools, such as: 

  • Built-in, dynamic search filters: Agents, supervisors, and users can easily find their interaction recordings to identify and resolve issues. 
  • Scorecards & gamification: motivates and encourages reps’ continuous improvement. 
  • eCoaching assignments: Low evaluation scores automatically trigger coaching assignments, helping with the timeliness of coaching and optimizing agent performance. 

There Are Ways to Get Your Call Recording Software to Do More for Less

One way to reduce costs and get more from your call recording software is to switch to a newer, more robust system. DVSAnalytics’ Encore platform offers powerful and cost-effective call recording and quality management software, typically 30% less than the leading competitors. Many times, a customer can get Call Recording PLUS Quality Management for less than a call recording system from our competition.

Encore’s Call Recording Software is cost-effective, reliable, and provides everything you need and nothing you don’t. With quality management tools implemented on top of Call Recording, work done by agents can be monitored, and data can be analyzed for business intelligence. Moreover, once you are under contract with DVS, you will receive free software upgrades and ongoing training, which means you’ll never miss any benefits from our service.

Contact DVS to See How Our Call Recording Software Helps You Do More for Less

Businesses no longer need to pay more than they have to for call recording software if they invest in Encore. DVSAnalytics can offer you call recording and quality management for less than what it costs for annual maintenance with competing systems. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the best Workforce Optimization solution for your contact center.

DVSAnalytics: Contact Center Recording Solutions That Do More for Less

With DVSAnalytics, companies can unlock a treasure trove of information in call recordings to help them make data-driven decisions while keeping costs low. This is possible with our comprehensive call recording solutions, including QM and Speech Analytics Transcription services, all for less or the same cost of call recording only from competing solutions.

While there are various call recording solutions on the market, businesses tasked with finding the most cost-conscious solution will find DVSanalytics is the best option. With our reliable and affordable call recording software, mid-sized companies and business enterprises can do more for less while still getting access to the best features and QM tools available in a contact center solution. 

Contact DVSAnalytics today to learn more about our call recording solutions and how we can help you do more for less.