Why DVSAnalytics is the Ideal WFO Solution for Mitel

DVSAnalytics values its technology partnerships and has collaborated with Mitel, a global leader in business communications, for decades. DVSAnalytics’ Workforce Optimization (WFO) integration with Mitel allows for interaction recording, giving businesses the ability to track various data points in customer interactions. This integration allows for the monitoring and analysis of customer interactions to improve the overall customer experience. DVSAnalytics is the perfect solution for Mitel’s customers, as it provides data insights that are essential for WFO. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful combination.

Workforce Optimization Must Haves

Workforce optimization doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen when you have no data to work with. Having access to pertinent data that will give you insights into how your employees are performing allows for more accurate decision making and process development. The standard “must haves” for WFO include:

  • Call and Screen Recording
  • Quality Management
  • Agent Scorecards
  • Evaluations
  • Automated e-Coaching
  • e-Learning and Gamification

How do interaction recordings contribute to WFO?

Interaction recordings are one of the most important data sources for WFO, as they provide a wealth of information that can be used to improve processes. Call and screen recordings give businesses the ability to see how employees are handling customer interactions, identify areas of improvement, and provide coaching and training opportunities.

Observations on what customers and agents are saying about your company, the agent’s tone, and whether the agent is following a script or practice set forth by your organization can all be gleaned from interaction recordings. These insights can then be used to make changes in processes, employee training, and facilitate better business decision making overall.

Why DVSAnalytics & Mitel Go Hand-In-Hand

DVSAnalytics is the ideal solution for Mitel customers because it offers a robust set of features that are essential for workforce optimization. With DVS, there is a lower TCO than other competing technologies, and ease of use of Encore will alleviate the pain of users having to learn a new product. In fact, DVS allows for the integration of current and legacy Mitel solutions and other leading unified communications (UC) platforms, effectively moving with you even if your communications platform changes. DVS supports Mitel platforms such as MiVoice and MiBusiness, both essential tools for data insights.

DVS is a great replacement for contact centers currently using the OAISYS product. This is because DVS offers a far more cost effective solution that is available on-premise, in the cloud, or by subscription. With a lower price tag and greater flexibility, DVS is becoming the solution of choice for those who use Mitel. 

DVS customers that use Mitel can enjoy tremendous competitive advantages, such as the ability to quickly spot key trends and problem areas on a dashboard without even having to listen to a recorded call. Easy to use and quick to install, Encore’s setup process can take as little as two weeks from start to finish. What’s more, if an organization decides to change from Mitel to another platform, they can keep Encore for a small fee to change the integration to another supported platform.

Why DVS?

Dark background shows data moving through the ether

When it comes to workforce optimization, DVSAnalytics and Mitel are the perfect pair. Our integration offers your business a lower TCO when compared to our competitors. Plus, with interaction recordings from Mitel, you can gather valuable data insights into contact center agents’ performance. This information can help you make better business decisions and achieve first-class customer service.

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