The ROI of Workforce Management in Contact Centers

Teamwork keeps the boat headed in the right direction
The market for Workforce Management (WFM) solutions is going through a period of rapid growth and transformation. Workforce Management applications can augment performance and quickly show a substantial return on investment (ROI) to any organization willing to adopt its advantages. As with most communications technology, much of the demand is for a “cloud-first” delivery model. For many organizations, the question surrounding WFM is no longer if, but when a company will deploy WFM’s many advantages and see its ROI.

Workforce Management Software

Contact Center AgentThe underpinning of a properly implemented WFM solution is simple – a company that can optimize staffing and forecasting has a greater ROI on employee and customer satisfaction. Happy employees have a direct correlation to happy, satisfied customers. Happy customers buy more product. Satisfied customers are more loyal as a result of their improved communications with their vendor.  Harnessing this is an absolute pillar in building a better business in today’s rapidly changing world.

Improved Scheduling & Forecasting

Scheduling is at the heart of WFM. Robust scheduling capabilities let companies avoid overstaffing AND understaffing. Either of these problems can cost untold amounts of money. Labor cost is frequently the biggest fixed expense on a balance sheet. Understaffing creates poor customer service and can lead to employee burnout. Overstaffing inflates your labor budget. WFM solutions provide the tools you need to make informed scheduling decisions to meet your performance and budget goals. With improved forecasting and scheduling you have greater control over when and where people are working. This makes it easy to reduce costs without sacrificing customer service.

Building Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Cumbersome and inaccurate timekeeping also contributes to dissatisfied employees. This, in turn, leads to higher turnover. We all know it’s expensive to replace and train a new employee. WFM software with employee self-service portals creates happier employees. Employees can easily access their schedules online. Any time of day, at home or at work, or anywhere in between. They can receive secure messages, accept overtime offers, swap shifts, and view schedule change notifications. Workforce Engagement Management, Gamification.Schedule bidding, accessible online, is a game changer when it comes to employee job satisfaction. Scheduling flexibility builds loyal employees. Experienced employees are more productive. Thus, the cycle of happy employee equating to happy customer comes full circle.

Employee Contests to Boost Engagement and Training

Another benefit is Gamification. This enables performance-based contest and rewards to be automatically administered without management intervention, saving time and money. Keep employees and teams aware of their top performers and contest contenders.  It’s a simple idea that has an enormous impact on employee engagement and training.

Encore® Workforce Management

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