The Benefits of Speech Analytics in Contact Centers

Audio Waveform Data Stream
What would be the value of being able to analyze all recorded voice data in your contact center for trends, root causes, quality assurance, and specific insights into your customer’s experience? That is the promise, and reality, of properly implemented Speech Analytics deployed in a contact center. Speech Analytics solutions, engineered specifically for contact centers, allow you to monitor customer interactions for regulatory compliance, optimal sales/upsell execution, etc. This results in improved quality assurance by rapidly narrowing the focus for identified issues, gaining valuable insights from the data you’re already recording and storing, and gathering customer and market intelligence.

Boosting the Voice of the Customer

Speech Analytics allows a contact center to leverage the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to quickly spot trends in sentiment or key words that impact the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Any Speech Analytics solution engineered for use in contact centers should be easy to deploy and integrate into your existing communications platform. Infographic: 5 Benefits of Speech AnalyticsEvery contact center Speech Analytics solution should begin with these capabilities:
  • End-to-end transcription of audio recordings
  • Search for key insights (spoken and screen recordings)
  • Robust reporting on the recorded data without advanced IT skills

Enhancing Quality Management in Contact Centers

Speech Analytics, designed for contact centers, enhances quality management. The software enables a company to focus on what’s important to ensure better business outcomes.
Speech Analytics and traditional QA are complementary. Neither can completely replace the other. Using both gives contact centers a valuable combination of tools and programs.
By moving the heavy lifting of processing recorded data to an automated process, Speech Analytics lets human supervisors do what they do best – focus on more precise, complicated questions of agent-customer interactions.

Dig Deeper on Speech Analytics

This article is merely scratching the surface of the value of Speech Analytics software in contact centers. Our recent article discussed the ROI of Speech Analytics, including an overview of how it aids in meeting compliance throughout a variety of industries. Our white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, is now available for download. It provides a look into how Speech Analytics operate, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how it enhances traditional QA techniques.

Five Benefits of Speech Analytics

Analyze the voice data of customer interactions for compliance, quality assurance, customer experience, and more. Gain valuable insights, drive desired outcomes, and boost overall performance with Speech Analytics designed for contact centers.

Automated Speech-to-Text Transcription

Convert 100% of voice data, including customer service interactions and outbound sales calls, into searchable text to deliver valuable insights.

Enterprise Search Capabilities

Pinpoint important calls by layering text-based keyword search with advanced metadata filters like gender, emotion, and silence time.

Engineered for the Contact Center

Use automatic speaker separation, emotional intelligence, and gender identification to better understand the voice of the customer.

Automated Redaction for Industry Compliance

Find and remove sensitive numerical data from recorded audio, text, or both, to meet compliance.

Efficient Web-Based Interface

Discover insights with real-time updates of search results and intuitive graphs. Compare agent performance on key metrics.

Voice Technology at its Finest

In head-to-head comparisons, the Encore® Speech Analytics engine has been consistently ranked as a leader the market in speed and accuracy when processing phone audio. Explore Encore Speech Analytics for contact centers from DVSAnalytics.