Real-Time Visibility into Contact Center Operations

Call and screen interactions are being recorded. Customer experiences are being evaluated. Agents are being coached. Data is collected with every interaction, evaluation, and eCoaching quiz completion. Why leave that data untapped?

Encore® Reporting and Dashboards provide visibility and insight into KPIs to identify which areas are improving and which areas require extra effort. Take the guesswork out of contact center operations and processes.

Encore Reporting

Encore captures empirical data to produce reports sliced in a variety of ways. Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Encore is delivered with over 45 preconfigured reports. These reports can be run on-demand or sent to a user or group on a predetermined schedule.

Monitor Trends & Activities

Encore Reports provide illustrations of key metrics used for performance and customer satisfaction trend analysis. Showing overall trends and specific breakdowns of the data, Encore Reports offer the ability to sift through specific sets of information that contribute to the larger result.

  • Select for display as a manager and/or agent Dashboard widget
  • View on demand, or scheduled for delivery on a regular basis to individual stakeholders or groups
  • Generate ad hoc via user-defined criteria
  • Build to user-defined criteria and saved for future use
  • Export to a PDF or Excel file

Filter Reports to Track Your Specific Goals

Reports are created by applying user-specific filters to narrow the data on any of Encore’s 50+ standard templates. For example, a report about Customer Satisfaction can be made increasingly specific based on parameters set around filters such as agent, team, and time frame of interest.

Within each filter, the possible range of fields populates for selection to include in the report. For example, to study Customer Satisfaction trends last quarter, the Survey Sent Date filter can be set to last quarter. The more filters used, the more focused the report results will be.

Encore Dashboards

Encore Dashboards display real-time widgets, or key metrics represented graphically, to illustrate data trends that are important to the user.

Enhance Agent Transparency & Motivation

Managers can easily view the latest eCoaching assignment statuses, evaluation scores, high and/or low performing agents, and more, all at a glance.

Encore Dashboards can be created and customized by managers and administrators to display the key information important to them. Multiple dashboards can also be created to differentiate between multiple teams or business initiatives. Share dashboards with select groups, teams, or users, including agents.

Encore Agent Dashboards provide views of individual progress. This reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the need for one-on-one meetings while motivating agents to continually improve their performances. Agent dashboards create a platform to display contest leaderboards and redeem rewards for Encore Gamification, which automates the management of performance-based contests and rewards.

DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Enhance your contact center with powerful, but easy-to-use Reporting and Dashboards from DVSAnalytics.