Security and Compliance Features for Contact Centers

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No matter the industry, all contact centers face one or more state and federal regulations such as PCI-DSS or HIPAA. Maintaining compliance in the constantly changing regulations landscape can be overwhelming. Secure interaction recording (call and screen), part of a Workforce Optimization solution engineered specifically for contact centers, can ensure sensitive data is handled in a secure and compliant manner. 

Security, Encryption and Regulatory Compliance

All companies conducting transactions over the phone require a reliable interaction recording solution that protects sensitive customer data and ensures compliance with various state, federal and regulatory requirements.

To satisfy PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements, contact centers are required to encrypt recordings, or pause recording for specific portions of conversations, based on pre-determined criteria. These security features should be built into your interaction recording solution to assure confidential personal information, like social security numbers or personal health information, and financial information, like credit card or back account numbers, is protected from unauthorized users.

6 Security and Compliance Features for Contact Centers

Encore® Workforce Optimization solutions from DVSAnalytics assure protection for confidential information in customer interactions.

Access Control

Manage individual and group privileges via user IDs and strong passwords issued by Microsoft Active Directory. 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure communications with servers protect the transmission of recordings.   

Audit Logs

Capture all administrative and user activity within the system, including which recordings have been accessed and modified. 


ePause is a rules-based engine that pauses and then resumes recording based on full or partial URLs. This simplified approach eliminates the custom programming and related investments required to integrate application actions and the recording process.   


Permanently remove selected recorded information from audio and video interaction files. Encore’s Web API, eCapture Desktop Analytics application, or Encore Start/Stop client can all be used for scrubbing. You also have the option to manually scrub an existing recording using the On-Demand Scrub feature built into the Encore solution.


Encore comes standard with 256-bit AES file encryption for audio and video recordings. This is the preferred way to protect sensitive data that needs to remain part of an original audio or video recording. Encore comes with full file encryption to help enterprises in all industries meet their compliance requirements.  

Secure Interaction Recording for Contact Centers

Encore ensures confidential information in customer interaction recordings is protected, helping satisfy PCI and HIPAA Compliance requirements.  

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center offers virtually every form of contemporary medical service. It is its region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center for adults and children. Receiving thousands of calls each day, answered by employees in different clinics, departments and programs, VCU uses Encore solutions to help meet their compliance challenges.

Download the VCU Medical Center case study.

When the Arizona Federal Credit Union took steps to encourage employee-goal coordination, including deploying Encore’s Interaction Recording solution, they made astonishing headway toward their company goals. Before the deployment, Arizona Federals’ contact center reacted to member calls. With the insights gained from Encore, Arizona Federal saw an opportunity to facilitate business changes by making their contact center more proactive.

For the whole story, download the Arizona Federal Credit Union case study.