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Learn more about what ElevateQM has to offer and lift your contact center to new heights

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization Solutions for Contact Centers 

(1:02) DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions include Interaction Recording (call and desktop), Interaction Analytics, Performance Management & Agent Management, Workforce Management, and more.

DVSAnalytics Augments RingCentral UCaaS Contact Centers 

(1:28) Combines RingCentral’s Audio Recording and metadata with Desktop (screen) Recordings to gain a 360° perspective of customer interactions.

Encore WFO + Salesforce CRM – The Best of Both Worlds 

(1:02) Learn the benefits of DVSAnalytics integration with Salesforce CRM, including listening to recordings without leaving Salesforce and using Salesforce metadata to search for recordings in Encore. Contact DVSAnalytics to schedule a more detailed demonstration.

Encore Gamification 

(1:51) See how Encore gamification automates performance-based contests and rewards.


A Sneak Peek into Encore 8.0

DVSAnalytics provides a sneak peek into Encore 8.0 and shares the roadmap for Encore in the coming months.

Keep Your At-Home Contact Center Productive & Engaged

In this webinar, Kathleen Kelly, VP of Sales at DVSAnalytics, interviews Danielle Durham, Director of Teleservices at Arizona Federal Credit Union, discussing topics including:

  • Real-world experiences from at-home contact centers
  • Surprises encountered during the move to work from home
  • New ways to stay engaged
  • Technology that enhances training, production, and engagement

Hit Your Service Level Objectives with Streamlined Staff

How your contact center staff is organized and managed affects your agent’s ability to perform. Workforce Management solutions are designed to help contact centers meet their service level objective goals and streamline staffing.

Supercharge Your RingCentral Contact Center with Workforce Optimization

DVSAnalytics augments the RingCentral UCaaS Cloud communications platform, helping to boost the performance of contact centers and improve the customer experience. Here are just three ways DVS amplifies the RingCentral contact center: 

  • Locate recordings via powerful search & retrieval capabilities 
  • Sync desktop recordings with RingCentral audio recordings 
  • Gain greater customer insights with call transcriptions DVSAnalytics software delivers deep insights into customer interactions and contact center operations