Interaction Evaluation

Drive performance improvement with outcome-based evaluations

Encore provides a complete suite of flexible interaction evaluation tools that can be tailored to different departments and categorized based on skill types.

Custom Scorecards

Easily create customer and agent interaction evaluations that measure based on your businesses unique key performance indicators. In the process of completing an evaluation, each question receives its own score that contributes to the overall total. Any questions receiving a score at or below the low threshold automatically prompts Encore’s eCoaching. Assignments accumulate in a queue until the evaluation is complete, at which time all necessary assignments are approved by the manager and sent to the agent. Evaluations and automated eCoaching generate personalized agent training lists, without any additional steps for managers.

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Automated Scorecards
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Automated Quality Management

Automated Quality Management (AQM) evaluates 100% of interactions without listening to a single recording. Powered by DVS Speech Analytics, AQM and delivers rich business intelligence in these areas:

Consistent Scoring

The integrated Evaluator Calibration module built into Encore allows you to normalize scores skewed by inconsistent scoring scales or evaluator interpretation.

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Score Assimilation

Encore QM also integrates scores from agent self-evaluations or customer surveys with those completed by evaluators or supervisors. Adding these additional experiences and perspectives to the quality management process provides a complete 360° view of the customer interaction.