Integrating Workforce Optimization for Call Centers with Salesforce

Contact centers are the front line between an organization or company and its customers. Seamless interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center is a key factor in achieving the highest standard of customer experience. What’s the value of integrating workforce optimization solutions with a CRM like Salesforce? By associating interaction recordings with the user, account, contact, opportunity, or case – finding a specific recording or group of recordings in Salesforce or within the workforce optimization (WFO) solution becomes effortless. An integrated solution allows you to easily locate interaction recordings in the WFO solution with the same metadata you use in Salesforce. This allows you to review customer recordings in Salesforce, reducing time spent switching between software platforms and user interfaces.

5 Advantages of Integrating WFO with Salesforce for Contact Centers

Using the Salesforce integration available with Encore® workforce optimization solutions, your contact center has a complete view within Salesforce of all customer interactions – including links to call recordings and call metadata. This allows you to securely share the data that allows contact centers to locate critical calls – from within Salesforce or Encore – including links to call recordings and call metadata [infographic].

Listen to Recordings Without Leaving Salesforce

Access and review audio recordings associated with an account, case, contact, opportunity, and user without leaving Salesforce.

Readily Locate Recordings

Quickly retrieve specific interactions based on Salesforce metadata, such as account, case, contact name, case number and more in Encore. The same Salesforce fields are available in the Encore system, so finding recordings in Encore is just as easy.

Streamline the Evaluation Process

Contact centers record huge volumes of interactions. Encore makes it possible to categorize recordings using the Salesforce data fields. This allows Evaluators to focus on key customer interactions.

Connect with Post-Contact Survey

Leverage email addresses stored in Salesforce to send web-based surveys to customers immediately after a conversation has ended. This provides valuable insight by collecting customer feedback while the interaction is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Easy Implementation

The integration runs behind the scenes, automatically sending Salesforce data to Encore, and Encore data to Salesforce. Since the call recordings are stored in a separate, related table, there is no need to use valuable fields in the Salesforce account or other records to associate a recording to an existing account.

Integration of WFO and Salesforce

For today’s contact centers, Encore solutions can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. This interoperability delivers multiple benefits, providing a competitive edge in improving contact center operations and the customer experience.
  • Play audio recordings directly from a secure link in Salesforce
  • Salesforce users can quickly find specific customer recordings
  • Use Salesforce data to select recordings for evaluation
  • Gain a full view of customer activity without leaving Salesforce
  • Send Salesforce data to Encore to be associated with a recording
  • Send Encore data to Salesforce to be associated with an Account, Case, Contact, Opportunity and User

Interoperability for Contact Center Solutions

DVSAnalytics invests in developing robust integrations with other contact center technologies. DVS is dedicated to providing highly interoperable software solutions that deliver the powerful, easy-to-use tools needed to enhance agent performance. The latest Encore integration with Salesforce enhances the ability to share the data that helps contact centers locate critical calls. Important customer interactions can be automatically identified and collected into playlists for review. To expedite access to customer recordings, users can securely play them directly from within Salesforce.

Business Intelligence for the Contact Center

As with Salesforce, integrating Encore with NEC contact center solutions is another example of DVSAnalytics’ commitment to interoperability. It allows contact centers to securely share metadata throughout the contact center; including call recording, screen recording, desktop and speech analytics. This metadata delivers business insights and intelligence to all recorded interactions. Download our Paul Fredrick case study to discover how the national retailer is using Encore to boost their contact center performance and improve their customers’ experience.