Five Ways to Supercharge Your RingCentral Cloud Contact Center

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UCaaS. Unified Communications as a Service. This is the foundation of a cloud contact center. RingCentral, a worldwide leader of cloud communications, delivers unified cloud communication services on an open platform, including audio recording, for contact centers across North America. DVSAnalytics supercharges the RingCentral platform with Workforce Optimization as a Service solutions: synchronized screen (agent desktop) recording, quality management, analytics, workforce management, and more. Engineered to simplify contact center management’s daily workload, Encore is proven to boost agent productivity and retention while reducing supervisor time. On Demand Webinar: Supercharge Your RingCentral Cloud Contact Center with Workforce Optimization.

RingCentral UCaaS Integration

DVSAnalytics’ Encore® offers enterprise-rich contact center solutions seamlessly integrated with the RingCentral UCaaS platform.
  • Easily locate, retrieve and review RingCentral audio recordings with advanced search capabilities
  • Record and synchronize agent desktop activity recording with RingCentral audio recordings
  • Evaluate interactions and automatically:
    • Improve performance with automated coaching and eLearning
    • Increase agent engagement through contests
  • Apply speech analytics for voice transcription and enhanced customer insights

Encore in the Cloud

Encore is available to RingCentral customers in the RingCentral App Gallery in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. RingCentral cloud contact centers can record agent desktop activity using Encore and associate the desktop recordings with RingCentral’s audio recordings. Encore combines data—call recordings, desktop recordings and associated metadata—to provide a 360° view of your customer interactions. RingCentral customers have access to a comprehensive suite of workforce optimization tools with Encore. Engineered to improve the performance of their contact centers, Encore delivers convenience and cost-savings over traditional recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce engagement solutions.

Five Steps to Supercharge RingCentral UCaaS Contact Centers

Supercharge RingCentral Cloud Contact Centers with DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization to gain invaluable insights into your interactions and boost the customer experience. [infographic]

Add Search & Retrieval for Recordings

Easily locate recordings for review with advanced search capabilities.

Record Agent Desktop Activity

Sync RingCentral audio recordings with Encore® screen recordings for a 360° view.

Quality Management Tools

Automated evaluation, coaching and eLearning tools to boost agent performance.

Agent Engagement

Customized agent portals and automated contests help motivate contact center agents.

Speech Analytics

Analyze audio interactions: including transcribing & organizing recordings into searchable text. DVSAnalytics Encore is the practical workforce optimization solution for RingCentral UCaaS contact centers.

On Demand Webinar

Learn how to augment RingCentral audio recordings with Encore Screen Recordings, advanced Search capabilities, and Quality Management tools to improve contact center operations. As a courtesy, this webinar is now available on demand. Supercharge Your RingCentral Cloud Contact Center with Workforce Optimization.