DVSAnalytics Quality Assurance and Workforce Engagement Solutions on Display at QATC 2018 Annual Conference

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DVSAnalytics Showcases Solutions for Quality Management and Training Trends to Meet the Needs of Today’s Contact Center

Nashville, September 17, 2018 – Meeting the needs of the most demanding organizations for enhanced quality assurance and agent training, this week DVSAnalytics will be showcasing its portfolio of enterprise-class solutions at the Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC) conference held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

In business for over 35 years, DVSAnalytics delivers workforce optimization, quality management, and workforce engagement solutions engineered to improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience.  Beyond interaction recording, metadata capture, analytics, and agent training capabilities, the DVS Encore™ suite features industry-leading interoperability, easily integrating with all major UC, CRM, and corporate database solutions.

“Most workforce optimization providers started by offering a recording solution to call centers,” said Denny Michael, chief marketing officer, DVSAnalytics.  “Over time, our focus has shifted to also develop software that analyzes the data in interaction recordings to improve the operational performance of contact centers.”

The QATC annual conference is dedicated to facilitating the education, sharing of ideas, and distribution of knowledge among quality assurance and training professionals in contact centers of all sizes and industries.  QATC members receive a variety of year-round benefits, including tips of the week, how-to newsletters, regional networking meetings, online forums, and the annual conference.

“This is the perfect gathering of quality assurance and training professionals looking to improve their quality management programs and harness the latest best practices for keeping employees engaged,” continued Michael.  “Contact center professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience.  Properly trained, monitored and motivated call center agents are at their most effective when they have command of product knowledge and can ensure that the customers they are working with are getting the information they need to make better decisions.”

To learn more about DVS, visit www.DVSAnalytics.com or drop by the QATC 2018 Annual Conference to connect with our team.

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DVSAnalytics (DVS) Workforce Optimization and Engagement Management solutions (WFO/WEM) are designed to improve the customer experience and maximize employee engagement and productivity by offering analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.  The DVS Encore™ WFO/WEM suite includes interaction recording, quality management, analytics, workforce management, reporting, and a powerful set of employee engagement capabilities.  The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Learn more at www.DVSAnalytics.com or follow DVS on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Google+.

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