Customer Surveys

Leverage Encore to Obtain the Customer’s View of a Recorded Conversation

Leverage Feedback to Enhance the Customer Experience

Encore’s Customer Surveys allow businesses to compare internal and external (customer) evaluations. The results can be easily used to improve evaluation and quality management processes. Agents can also complete self-evaluations, then compare with customers’ assessments, providing indirect but effective coaching and encouragement.

Gain Insight Into Customers’ Minds With Post Contact Surveys

Encore® Post Contact Surveys from DVSAnalytics allow you to review your customers’ evaluations of their experiences with your company’s agents. Post Contact Surveys can deliver immediate feedback on a customer’s most recent experience with a product order, service level and/or individual agent.

Customer surveys FAQ

Encore’s web-based survey application sends an email to the customer with a link to the survey, immediately following the call. The survey can be quickly completed from their smartphone, tablet or PC. Encore’s dynamic playlists can be defined in advance so that surveys with specific results can be automatically categorized and flagged for review.