Contact Center Workforce Solutions

Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management manager
As the emphasis on improving the customer experience grows, workforce optimization and workforce management solutions for contact centers continue to rapidly evolve. The ultimate goal in their development is to boost contact center performance and enhance the customer experience.

Workforce Optimization and Management

One feature of workforce optimization (WFO), eCoaching, automatically assigns online training courses to agents with low evaluation scores. This enables contact centers to quickly target deficiencies and improve an agent’s performance. An agent’s ability to knowledgably and quickly address issues has a direct correlation to improving the overall customer experience (CX) for your organization. With workforce management (WFM), the development of agent-facing mobile applications has improved the ability of supervisors to efficiently communicate short-term schedule changes or new requirements to their teams. This also lets agents rapidly inform supervisors of needed changes to their schedules. The improved speed and flexibility to address scheduling issues ensures a higher enterprise-wide adherence rate.

Encore® Workforce Optimization and Engagement Management

Interaction Recording Data

Two critical capabilities of Interaction Recording for contact centers are:
  • The ability to attach relevant customer data to an interaction
  • Stop interaction recording when sensitive data is being conveyed
All these interaction recordings, call and screen, provide a gold mine of customer experience data. By narrowing the focus to company-defined interactions that matter, an organization can leverage the powerful analytics and reporting capabilities of a WFO solution to shape and accelerate decision making. A solution for securely recording and storing vocal consent is another emerging requirement seen in many contact centers. There is a rapidly growing need for alternatives to a written signature. A Voice Signature, also known as voice attestation, is a type of legally binding electronic signature that uses a secure, recorded verbal agreement in place of an ink and paper written signature.

Return on Investment

There are three keys to obtaining rapid ROI on a workforce optimization solution:
  • Maximize the amount of metadata attached to each interaction, accelerating the ability to identify and analyze interactions individually and as a whole
  • Leverage best practices to develop high-quality evaluations, identifying agent performance issues
  • Deploy eCoaching courses and quizzes to monitor agent performance and improvement programs

Telephonic Signature

Encore® Interaction Recording includes an option called Telephonic Signature. This feature provides the ability to create a separate, secure recording within a recorded call that documents a caller’s assent. The Telephonic Signature recording is then easily located, retrieved and played at need. It can be triggered manually during a call by the agent or automatically with WebAPI or eCapture software. Download our case study to discover the details of how California’s State agencies are making use of Encore and Telephonic Signatures in their contact centers.