DVSAnalytics Quarterly Update

This quarter has kicked off in full swing, high energy and positive momentum for the entire team at DVSAnalytics. Our team is hyper-focused on our DVS Partner Program to ensure we can reach new levels of collaborating with all of our new and existing partners!

We are excited to share new features, helpful resources, and recent updates with you, so you can leverage them for yourselves and with your customers. Read our full update below.

DVS Business Overview

We’ve been hard at work on all aspects of our business here at DVSAnalytics and it’s difficult to believe that we’re already halfway through the year!

Speech Analytics continues to be a hot topic since we adjusted our pricing model and made it simpler as well as more affordable to obtain the efficiency benefits it offers. Just a few examples of companies interested in adding Speech Analytics applications include:

  • Those with work-at-home agents
  • Centers with over-subscribed supervisors
  • Marketing departments who want to learn more about what their customers are saying  

The return on investment (ROI) figures are impressive and definitely worth your time to explore. Please visit our website or contact your sales executive to set up a discussion.

We’ve just completed migration to SalesForce.com/Support for our customer service ticketing and order processing. We believe it enhances our ability to support our customers which is priority one for us! Additionally, we’ve begun an initiative to start surveying our partners and customers ultimately providing a Net Promoter Scoring system which will provide valuable feedback to help us continuously improve.

Product Enhancements

Encore 8.3 became generally available last quarter and we’ve fulfilled many upgrade requests since. Feedback on the new “portal” has been excellent and we’ve fielded a number of product improvement requests as well. 8.3 is the first step to moving off of Microsoft’s legacy Silverlight application framework which has been discontinued. 8.3 allows for Encore to work with multiple browsers beyond Microsoft, including Chrome & Firefox. An 8.3 product update webinar was held at the end of March. Updates about this new release can be found here. Please contact your sales rep or our customer service team if you’d like to learn more or schedule your upgrade.

Speaking of upgrades, DVS’ software assurance/maintenance includes free upgrades allowing our customers to stay current at no additional cost. Additionally, ongoing training is available at no charge. We’re in the process of adding new training videos to our training portal so that our customers can access and review on their own time.  Or, customers can schedule a live session with one of our expert trainers.

Be On the Lookout 

Our promise to our customers is that we’ll continue our pursuit of optimizing Workforce Optimization! Offering robust and reliable solutions that get the job done while allowing you to get the most out of your investment. 

8.4 will be coming soon and there are many releases and items to come. Want to talk to our team? Contact us anytime!