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Practical Workforce Optimization for Cloud Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Workforce Optimization

The AWS platform provides a convenient way for DVS to get customers up and running quickly using the Encore WFO applications such as recording, analytics, performance management, and more.

Access to DVS Encore on AWS provides a more scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective approach to WFO application management than using on-premise servers. In addition, DVS managed services reduces the load on your IT staff. 

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What Our Partners Are Saying

DVS has bundled key WFO components to specifically meet the optimization needs of contact centers using Amazon Connect. Encore’s Interaction Analytics packages, below, satisfy the need for tools to better understand the voice of the customer and improve the customer experience.

“DVSAnalytics’ Encore WFO on Amazon Web Services was the best choice to replace our in premises system. It also met our business and IT requirements. Implementation was fast and easy with minimal investment of our IT resources. Our IT resources are very pleased that they are able to offload the maintenance and upkeep of the system to DVSAnalytics’ technical resources. The Business users are impressed with the tools that the new system has brought them. They are looking forward to using them to improve performance and gain invaluable insights into the voice of the customer.”
Dennis Reardon
Telecommunications Manager California Coast Credit Union

Encore Hosted in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Encore Workforce Optimization solutions for contact centers adds structure to recordings, categorizing data in meaningful ways to quickly provide insights into customer interactions.