5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Contact Centers

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Happy, satisfied employees deliver happy, satisfied customers. It’s a simple formula. The challenge lies in making it happen. Workforce Engagement and Management software, engineered specifically for contact centers, is all about creating high levels of employee satisfaction, which leads directly to customer satisfaction. Employee engagement levels are reflected in the employee’s views of the team and the organization, agent retention, and ultimately influence the support or service provided to the customer. Study after study reveals that happy, engaged agents in contact centers correlates to improved service and interaction quality, and increased productivity. These factors translate into higher sales, as well as increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5 Methods to Increase Agent Engagement [Infographic]

The Encore® suite of contact center software includes a host of tools to improve agent engagement and your customer experience, including:

Infographic: 5 Methods to Increase Agent Engagement in Contact CentersAutomated Coaching & eLearning

Empower agents to improve their skills with relevant, timely training. Interaction monitoring can provide immediate feedback to agents as well as automated eLearning and eCoaching opportunities.

Agent Analytics via Portals

Portals provide the information, analytics and tools agents need to work efficiently, everything from scheduling to targeted KPIs and their own schedule adherence data.

Contests & Gamification

Competition and rewards motivate agents to maintain focus and achieve goals. Automated games and contests spur agents to reach performance goals.

Voice of the Employee

Ask for agent feedback – use it to generate positive work experiences, improve agent retention and enhance overall contact center productivity.


Enable agents to assess their performance and approach mistakes as a chance to refine their skills with automated eLearning and eCoaching solutions. These evaluations can be customized for different departments and specific skill types.

Encore Workforce Management

Happy, engaged employees equates to happy, satisfied customers. It’s such an obvious formula, it’s easy to overlook. Use our Encore Workforce Engagement Management solutions to increase agent engagement, improve your contact center’s operational performance, and boost your customer’s experience. To learn more about DVSAnalytics workforce optimization and engagement solutions, explore our website, browse our Resources, or request a demo to discover specific options to meet your company’s needs.