Five Ways DVSAnalytics Boosts RingCentral UCaaS in Contact Centers

RingCentral UCaaS customers can leverage their recordings with Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) software from DVSAnalytics to improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience. Combining RingCentral’s audio recording and metadata with Encore’s Desktop (screen) Recordings provides a complete picture of customer interactions. DVSAnalytics understands communication platforms are the foundation of contact center operations. Interoperability […]

Salesforce Data in Your Workforce Optimization Solution

DVS Interoperability illustrated as fitting puzzle pieces together.

Why does DVSAnalytics place such a high value on interoperability in contact center solutions? Look no further than our out-of-the-box Encore® Salesforce integration. An Overview of the Encore Salesforce Integration Simplify your contact center operations with the Encore Salesforce Integration. Developed for convenience and time-savings in mind, the integration allows you to review call recordings […]