Identifying Customer Interactions That Matter

Server rack for managing data

Efficient analysis of customer engagement data improves the overall performance of a contact center. Even modest contact centers produce large amounts of data from their customer interactions: Call Recordings Screen Recordings Customer Surveys Purchase/Customer Support Transactions The amount of data generated by a medium or large contact center is a vast gold mine of customer […]

7 Advantages of Encore for Government Agency Contact Centers

Capital Hill and Government Agencies

Agencies in all branches and at all levels of government are moving to digital-based platforms and services. Contact centers are being recognized as an ideal hub for public interactions. No longer viewed as a channel for public complaints, contact centers have been identified as a resource to gather valuable, decision-making data via phone, web and […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Customer Experience

Holiday Presents

Black Friday is in the past. Cyber Monday is over. Both set new records in sales. Contact centers have shifted into high gear. With online sales exceeding $6.2 billion on Black Friday and $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday, the number of interactions is skyrocketing for every contact center associated with this demand. The majority of […]