Small and Medium-Sized Contact Centers Can Leverage Net Promoter Score, Too

Encore Workforce OptimizationNet Promoter® Score and the Net Promoter SystemSM are commonly found in large organizations such as Delta Airlines, Apple, Best Buy, Verizon and many more. These processes and methodologies are used to measure, track and build customer loyalty. The concept of the Net Promoter Score was first introduced by Fred Reichheld in 2003 in the Harvard Business Review and later became the subject of the 2006 book, The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth. The Ultimate Question is, “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or a colleague?” In 2011, Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey introduced the Net Promoter System in The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World.

As small and medium-size contact centers look to Quality Management software to improve their agent performance, measuring Customer Satisfaction or Customer Loyalty is a natural next step. A 360° Quality Management system provides the tools for a supervisor, quality assurance team and customer to provide a score and comment on a specific agent interaction. Typically, the questions on an evaluation completed by a supervisor or quality assurance team are different from the questions found on a customer survey. This delineation allows the customer survey questions to be customized and targeted towards things like the NPS Ultimate Question. While the Net Promoter Score is typically tied to company-wide brand loyalty, measuring the NPS on an interaction basis helps to ensure that employees are measured and focused on their individual performances toward the company goal.

While large companies and contact centers have been improving their profitability by applying the concepts in the Net Promoter System for years, contact centers just beginning the journey to improve agent performance through Call Recording and Quality Management should be planning to leverage the available 360° feedback tools to calculate Customer Loyalty scores—and drive the growth and profitability of their own businesses.

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Improve Your Customer Experience

dvsAnalytics EncoreUtilizing the full benefit of the Encore Workforce Optimization Suite is a competitive advantage for many of our customers. You can use Encore to improve your customer experience and raise the service level of your call center agents by implementing recorded call evaluations, automated eCoaching and call-specific customer surveys.

To help you better understand how some of our customers are using Encore, we compiled these Customer Success Story SlideShare presentations.


Paul Fredrick: A Customer Success Story

We recently had the privilege of speaking with Paul Fredrick, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of quality men’s clothing, about how the company uses Encore to improve its business. Paul Fredrick purchased a recording system that did not live up to its expectations and was disappointed to find that it was cumbersome to use, inefficient and provided very little functionality. Jon Fisher, IT Administrator, explains, “Our previous recording solution was incredibly slow and it was painstakingly difficult to gather calls. If we tried to list calls for a certain month, we might sit watching the monitor for a half hour to an hour before we could listen to a single recorded call.” Not only was the system difficult to use, Paul Fredrick experienced trouble when trying to contact customer support for the product, which further diminished its value to the company.

Paul Fredrick’s switch to Encore provided some exciting results with real business advantages. Read more about it in the Paul Fredrick’s Customer Success Story.


Customer Success at Andrew Wommack Ministries

Reaching out to our customers is a real privilege. A golden opportunity to not only hear all the great stuff that is working for them, but also to learn new features or modifications they would like to see in the Encore solution. Recently, we spoke with one of our customers, Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM), to learn how Encore helps them solve everyday issues and improve or tweak processes to provide more efficiency.

We had a terrific discussion with AWM’s Andrew Wertz, Phone Center Operations Manager, Walter Williams, Customer Care Mentor Manager, and Judy Awong, Ministry Mentor Supervisor. AWM has found Encore to be a great benefit to the Organization, particularly the screen recording functionality which has been one of the biggest “wins” for AWM. “In fact”, Williams comments, “it is a real blessing to the Organization. We are absolutely delighted with Encore’s screen recording.” With AWM’s varied and complex software programs, desktop activity recording provided the missing link needed to mentor agents. Wertz says, “Now, instead of just surmising (from what we were hearing on a call) what an agent may be struggling with, we can actually see how they are using the software, equipping us to better train.”

Learn more about Encore’s benefits in our latest Customer Success Story.


Call Recording for Healthcare: Compliance Rules & Regulations

Healthcare businesses are rapidly expanding call recording throughout their organizations to improve patient satisfaction and document patient related communications for compliance. Because of increasingly strict federal, state, and industry regulations aimed at protecting sensitive data, an understanding of the required rules and standards and how they relate to call recording is critical. In fact, did you know:

  • Per HIPAA, Audit Controls are required.
  • Under PCI DSS, no sensitive authentication data can be stored after authorization.
  • Effective September 16, 2011, the NACHA Operating Rules will permit recurring debit transactions over the phone, however they must be recorded.

dvsAnalytics’ latest white paper – Call Recording for Healthcare: Compliance Rules & Regulations for HIPAA, PCI and NACHA – addresses these topics and breaks down the key regulations pertaining to the healthcare industry and how health and financial information are protected. It also assists the reader in determining technology solutions and processes to ensure compliance. To learn more about this topic, download this white paper now.

After reading the white paper, please share your thoughts with us. We’re eager for your feedback!


Call Recording & Security Technologies are a MUST for Today’s Healthcare Industry

Today’s hospitals and healthcare practices can increase patient satisfaction, manage compliance, minimize miscommunication and reduce liabilities by gaining insight into every interaction. Seeing and hearing what takes place when staff schedules patient appointments, refers physicians or assists with emergency situations helps healthcare firms guarantee proper patient care and maintain compliance with the latest regulations. Call and screen recording solutions also help:

  • Resolve disputes
  • Document electronic and verbal requests and authorizations
  • Ensure accurate billing, debt collection, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Capture customer/business intelligence

Healthcare establishments considering investing in a recording, quality management and analytics solution should make certain the solution contains certain security features, such as:

  • User access controls: Define who can access which data records and what their permissions are, like the ability to evaluate a call or playback an encrypted call.
  • Audit logs: Monitor all user and system activity. See who did what with what information; this helps with compliance auditing.
  • Data encryption: Protect patient data and stay HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Under HIPAA, all PHI (protected health information) that is individually identifiable, such as one’s social security number, medical condition, billing information, etc., must transmitted and/or downloaded in an encrypted format.
  • Disaster recovery: Maintains a backup of all files which can be quickly accessed in the event of a system outage, corruption, etc.
  • Off-site electronic data storage: Having an off-site data storage makes certain that your electronic data will be accessible in the event of an emergency.

Couple these security technologies with recording and analytics, and maintain compliance while focusing on your main priority – taking care of patients.

Encore™ for Healthcare incorporates call recording, screen recording, quality management, reporting and analytics in a unified solution, designed to provide healthcare systems, rural hospitals and healthcare practices with a 360 degree view of the patient experience.

Encore for Healthcare also includes defined user access controls, audit logs, data encryption, disaster recovery, off-site electronic storage, etc.

Please share your thoughts with us.


2011 Encore Call Recording and Analytics

Market demands, new or updated technology, and customer requests help define and shape the Encore™ roadmap which kept our development team busy in 2010. As we enter this new year, we are in the midst of rolling out packaged releases, most of which are free to customers on technical support agreements. From the new browser based platform to expanded desktop and speech analytics, Encore users have much to look forward to. The list below tells you more:

  • Encore 3.0 browser-based platform: This will wow you! Search and retrieve recordings from any browser. Libraries and play lists replace recording files and filters. You’ll receive a streamlined player with color coded waveforms and the ability to add tags or notes, skip silence and much, much more.
  • Web API: Expand searchable data in your recordings by capturing call specific data from the desktop. Also includes new web-based capabilities to set triggers for start-stop commands and encryption.
  • Desktop Analytics: Sends data from desktop applications and desktop events via eCapture to Encore for workflow process improvement.
  • Speech Analytics: Allows for refined call review (only listen to questionable parts of calls) and keyword tagging (competitor info, inappropriate language, etc.).
  • Encore Reporting Services: Ad hoc reporting has never been easier! Using Microsoft Report Services, you’ll benefit from an industry standard report builder while still having on-demand or scheduled reports and extensive drill-down capabilities.

And this is just the beginning! Our developers are busy with even more this year, so stay tuned. Is there anything you’d like to see added? Please share with us your thoughts.


Resolve to Realize More Benefits from your Encore Call Recording and Analytics Tools

When preparing for a new year, always look back on the current year and ask yourself “what worked, what didn’t and what can I improve?” Each of the Encore modules and features were designed to fulfill a need. Or, in spirit of the New Year, support a resolution and a positive change for the new year. We thought this week’s post should focus on how Encore call recording and analytics can help you achieve your resolutions, by resolving to:

  1. Coach and train…using CenterPlus. Review a percentage of every agent’s interactions, score their performance and then email the agent the completed scorecards and copies of the interactions for training and improvement.
  2. Serve your customers better… using CenterPlus Evaluations. Gather customer feedback, including their needs, wants and recommendations, and gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Obtain a 360° view of every interaction…using Screen Recording. Resolve disputes, improve processes and increase customer satisfaction by recording all desktop activity.
  4. Expand your documentation…using 100% Call recording. This audio audit trail helps verify sales, minimize liability risks and prove adherence to compliance regulations.
  5. Secure sensitive data…using Encryption. Show your commitment to compliance by protecting credit card numbers, social security numbers and patient-related information.
  6. Expand search and retrieval options…using ECAPI. Enhance the customer experience by capturing specific customer data from the desktop and the switch to search on later.
  7. Enhance processes and procedures…using Desktop Analytics. Improve process effectiveness by analyzing desktop usage, such as applications used and usage duration.

Part 2 of this post will be continued the week of January 3rd, with our 2011 product deliverables.

Please share with us your 2011 resolutions!


Top 10 Holiday Wish List: From VoIP Call Recording to Desktop Analytics to At-Home Agents

Is there a new process or best practice that you’d like your contact center or enterprise to consider implementing in 2011? Or how about a new technology solution that delivers improvements in agent performance and provides a view of all desktop, evaluator, and system activity? With the New Year nearly upon us, now is the time to submit our “Wish List” (and cross our fingers). The below Top 10 Holiday List includes mixture of technologies, programs and processes that can deliver significant results while also enhancing agent and customer satisfaction:

  1. VoIP Call and Screen Recording infrastructure provides a software-only solution that records calls in all IP environments and delivers an expanded communication channel. Users also benefit from quick installs and cost-savings.
  2. Provide your sales and support staff with Desktop Analytics to improve process analysis. Enabling managers to see all desktop events, including the amount of time spent on various applications or tasks, will pinpoint ineffective process and procedures.
  3. Introduce Speech Analytics to your service/support and sales/marketing departments to obtain customer insight, gain competitive information, quickly identify and address issues, increase revenue, improve regulatory compliance and increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Use Text Analytics to see what is being said about your brand on blog posts, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Web chat, etc. Knowing what is being said in real or near real-time is essential for a timely and relevant response.
  5. Stay Compliant. Ensure that your call recording solution complies with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Protecting sensitive customer data is a necessity for organizations today.
  6. Implement an At-Home Agent Program to reduce attrition, improve productivity by 35-40% and save your organization money (up to $30,000 per employee!).
  7. Create a Formalized Quality Monitoring or Evaluator Certification Program for managers and new evaluators to ensure training and scoring consistency.
  8. Gain up-to-the-minute intelligence by investing in a Web-based Dashboard that includes drill down capabilities and operates in real-time. Integrated analytics and reports allow for quick coaching tips.
  9. Create a culture in which agents regularly listen to their own recordings, complete Self Evaluations and participate in calibration sessions to improve agent presentation and professional skills and increase customer satisfaction.
  10. Develop and Implement a Corporate Social Media Strategy with defined roles and clear and measurable objectives.

I am not suggesting that you need to incorporate all of the above “wishes” into your 2011 strategy. Not only is that not practical, but I doubt most companies have enough time or financial resources to do so. Instead, review your 2011 objectives to see which items align more closely with the goals of your organization. If you’re still not sure which item(s) will bring the most bang for its buck, consider your customers. Will the adoption of a new strategy, process, or technology improve customer satisfaction? If the answer is “yes,” then the investment is priceless.

So, what’s on your 2011 Wish List? Please share with us!


Welcome to the dvsAnalytics Blog!

dvsAnalytics’ blog was launched in conjunction with the Company’s website redesign. The objective of the Blog is to provide a place to share best practices in call recording, compliance, quality monitoring and analytics. Also, postings are encouraged that dispel and clarify myths associated with technology choices, trends and configurations related to recording and analytics. If there is a topic that you would like to see addressed here, please take a moment to share that with us. Your participation and feedback are much appreciated.